DP World Santos completes eight years of operations at the Port of Santos

DP World Santos completes eight years of operations at the Port of Santos

Date: 12/08/2021

Inaugurated in 2013, the terminal handles the economy and the port community in Santos

DP World Santos, one of the largest and most modern in the country, installed on the left bank of the Port of Santos, completed on July 3 another year of operations.

In eight years, the company, which started with the operation of containers and general cargo, has been diversifying its portfolio. Recently, in 2020, it inaugurated the largest and most modern pulp complex in the country, in partnership with Suzano.

Over the years, the company has reached expressive numbers. More than 5.5 million TEUs (one unit is equivalent to a 20-foot container), 4.5 million tons of pulp, and 300,000 tons of general cargo handled by more than 3,800 ships that passed through the 1,100 meters of docks during the period. The railroad was fundamental for this handling, with more than 88,000 TEUs and approximately 3 million tons of pulp transported by this modal in all these years.

The terminal has already been the protagonist of records at the Port of Santos. One of the most recent was in March 2021, when the largest shipment of pulp was made in a single ship in the Port's history. 68,800 tons of the product were loaded onto the ship Siskin Arrow, bound for Asia. The shipment broke the previous record, set two months earlier, when the Norwegian-flagged ship Macaw Arrow received 65,900 tons of pulp and set sail for China.

The company's operation has contributed to the economy and the port community. The terminal increased from 500 direct and 1,500 indirect jobs to more than 1,200 direct and 5,000 indirect jobs today, with investments of R$ 4.5 million in qualification and 170,000 hours of manpower training since its first hires. DP World Santos also gives the opportunity for young talents with the Vacation Internship program, which has already inserted about 130 college students in the labor market.

The growth of women is also highlighted in the terminal's trajectory, which, since 2013, has increased by 85% the female presence in the staff, especially in operations, where they are in more than 100.

In addition, DP World Santos has a solid commitment to social responsibility. It is the company that allocates the most municipal taxes to Promifae (Municipal Program of Incentive and Support to Sports). Since 2015, more than R$3 million have been invested in more than 40 projects in sports such as swimming, athletics, cycling, crossfit, surfing, skateboarding, canoeing, handball, soccer and rhythmic gymnastics. The company also stimulates volunteer programs, with more than one thousand hours dedicated to activities such as beach cleaning campaigns, blood donations, collection of clothes and toys, and food distribution to the community of Baixada Santista.

Fábio Siccherino, CEO of DP World Santos, celebrates the eight years with great expectations for the future. "We want to continue investing in expanding the terminal's capacity and in new technologies to increase the efficiency and competitiveness of port operations, focusing on the diversification of cargo and services, so that the company increasingly consolidates itself as a facilitator of global trade," he says.