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How frozen food helps a warming planet


How frozen food can help a warming planet


Join The Move To -15° to help the industry cut carbon emissions, save energy and lower costs. The Move To -15° is an initiative to bring global logistics leaders together to change the temperature of frozen food from -18°C to -15°C – which could save the equivalent emissions of 3.8 million cars without affecting the food. Research backed by DP World shows that this small change can make a big impact but we can only change what’s possible together. To make this a reality, we ask you to join us to revisit global frozen food set temperatures to accelerate decarbonisation and build resilience for the world’s future food needs without compromising food quality.


Changing the temperature that frozen food is transported at by 3 degrees to -15°C can…


Cut annual emissions by 17.7 million tonnes of CO2 a year. That's equivalent to the carbon emitted by 3.8 million cars


Generate 5-7% energy savings across the entire frozen food chain. Without compromising the safety or quality of the food

Chief Sustainability Officer - Maha AlQattan

"We believe this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to change what is possible in the cold chain to the benefit of all. And we know that it will take all of us in the industry, working together, to make this change."

Read the open letter from our Chief Sustainability Officer Maha AlQattan inviting our peers, partners and competitors to join us.

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