Using myPortal

How to search for container?

To search for container, you can do either by Bill of Lading or by Container No. Select the option from the dropdown list and then enter the value to find. You can input single or multiple values in the textfield. You can use comma, semicolon, pipeline symbol or space.

How to view vessel schedule?

To view vessel schedules, go to Inquiry > Vessel Schedule and you will see the list of calls in active and pre-arrival status. By default, the site will display vessels arrived 3 days ago and 1 week ahead.

Do you have map of the terminal?

Yes, find it under Information > Terminal Layout

Where can I find safety procedures when visiting DP World Berbera?

Safety is sacrosanct in the Port. It will not and cannot be compromised. Employees and port users alike are commanded to observe them. You will find the list in Information > Port Safety page.

Reporting inaccurate data

Problem logging in to the system?

First you need to resolve network or Internet issues preventing you to access the resource. It could also be your account user id and password combination is incorrect. If you forget your password, request for a new one in "Forget password", a one-time password (OTP) will be provided by email and will be used for initial logon. After which, you will be asked to nominate your password following the Port IT's minimum requirements for password setting.

How to report inaccuracy in data?

If you find any information inaccurate, please send a direct message to the portal's inbox or report any issue to the Customer Services team with their hotline: +25263-416-8912 or thru email: [email protected].