Berbera Economic Zone

An integrated maritime, logistics and industrial hub in the horn of Africa.

Discover the benefits

Ease of market access

BEZ is strategically placed 15 kilometers from our port in Berbera on the main highway to Ethiopia, providing convenient access to the horn of Africa. Multimodal connection via sea, road, and air creates a worldwide network that allows you to trade anywhere, at any time.

Facilitating your business

BEZ was created to help you navigate the world of trading. The regulatory climate permits the creation of 100% foreign-owned enterprises with no currency controls and no import or export licenses necessary. Furthermore, our one-stop shop and on-site customs help assure cooperation with local authorities, so you are assisted at every step.

Reduced cost of trade

We aim to reduce your logistical costs by offering corporate tax incentives, free profit repatriation, and no customs duty on goods and equipment imported into the zone. We also provide inventory financing to customers operating in the zone, ensuring that you operate in a competitive environment.

Secure investment environment

Our first-class regulatory framework enables you to trade in a secure environment and peace of mind.

Designed for you

Our extensive range of services provides efficient trading solutions. Our community allows you to focus on what matters most—your business—by providing logistics services such as light manufacturing and warehousing, as well as on-site home, retail, leisure, commercial, and retail facilities.

Flexible offerings

Our comprehensive range of services provides efficient trade solutions. From logistics services, including light manufacturing and warehousing, to on-site residence, retail, leisure, commercial and retail facilities, our community enables you to focus on what matters most - your business.

You've got the vision. We've got the infrastructure.
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