DP World Berbera Port is the only prominent multipurpose port in Somaliland, working as the new integrated maritime, logistics and industrial hub in the Horn of Africa. It focuses on contributing to Somaliland’s economy and those of surrounding local communities in neighbouring countries.

Since taking over management of the port’s operations in 2017, DP World has seen an increase in cargo volumes by 35 percent and vessel productivity by 300 percent. By implementing new digital systems, sustainable business practices and through its increased, trained staff complement, vessel waiting times have been reduced from days to mere hours.

The team knows that creating and enhancing its trade partnerships is the key to unlocking economic growth in the region. Through a focus on Somaliland, land-locked Ethiopia, and other Horn of Africa countries, DP World aims to transform lives, find new logistics solutions, and build the region.

DP World Berbera is a part of DP World’s international network. Based in Dubai, DP World is an Emirati multinational logistics company that promotes smart logistics solutions, free trade zones and the development of innovative terminal operations. The DP World network consists of more than 181 operations around the world in 64 countries across six continents.