Date: 02/05/2021

MAY 2, 2021: DP World Berbera which is a business unit of Dubai-based DP World, a leading global provider of smart logistics solutions, recently launched its 2nd Grow Program on the 17th of April for young high-potential graduates.

DP World Berbera, which has committed to investing up to US$442 million to expand the region’s port, recruited 14 university graduates from Somaliland to be trained and mentored by the company as part of its local Grow Program.

The Grow Program is part of DP World’s commitment to contribute to the development of nationals in the communities where it operates. The initiative targets skilled youth from technical fields such as Operations, QHSSE, Finance, Commercial and IT. In Berbera, the program will focus on developing the graduates in engineering and customer service. The program seeks to accelerate the growth of young local graduates by providing them with advanced training and on the job experience; as well as to increase their future employment prospects, and to enable DP World Berbera to build a talent-pool of future leaders across the business.

Following a rigorous selection process of interviews and tests, 14 graduates were selected and will be participating in a 24-month training and development program.

Supachai Wattanaveerachai, CEO of DP World Berbera, said: “I am proud that we are able to give young graduates from Berbera such a great opportunity. Especially, considering the difficult economic circumstances and uncertainty around the COVID 19 pandemic. This initiate cements our commitment to developing the local economy and investment in the Horn of Africa. The Berbera Grow program will equip the graduates with the tools that they will need to gain a fresh and new perspective in all our work areas, especially within innovation and digitalization.”

“We hope that through our Berbera Grow Program, we will also encourage and motivate other young, talented individuals to pursue career opportunities with DP World,” he added.

Awal Abdulahi Muhumed, Customer Service Trainee at DP World Berbera, said: “As a hardworking individual that is dedicated to my duties, I am committed to learning a new skillset so that I am able to succeed at DP World Berbera.”

Nadira Abdi Da'uud, Customer Service Trainee at DP World Berbera, said: “Joining DP World, a global trade-enabling company, is a great opportunity for me. I intend to work hard and look forward to expanding my skillset through the program.”

Abdiqani Mohamed Dirir, Technical (Mechanical) Trainee at DP World Berbera, said: “Coming from an engineering background, I am a good team player and can work under high work pressure. I am excited for the future challenges and opportunities at DP World.”

Abdul Rahman Mohamed Omar, Technical (Mechanical) Trainee at DP World Berbera, said: “Every day I work to improve myself and my skills, which is part of maturing and becoming better at what I do. I look forward to working hard and setting goals for myself that I can accomplish at DP World.”

Abdihakim Abdalla H.Musse, Technical (Mechanical) Trainee at DP World Berbera, said: “I am a straightforward individual who is all about thriving and working to get results. I love to consider myself as developing project. Through DP World I will have the opportunity to learn more and grow within my chosen field.”

Said Mohamed Yasin, Technical (Mechanical) Trainee at DP World Berbera, said: “Hard work doesn't bother me. So, I am more than equipped to step into this role and grow my talent with DP World.”

Mohamed Ibrahim Hussein, Technical (Mechanical) Trainee at DP World Berbera, said: “I am a well-organized, quick learner and team player who strictly adheres to all standard operating procedures and organization guidelines. I want to offer my skills, experience and knowledge to DP World and help the organization in fulfilling its mission and visions.”

In addition to DP World Berbera, the company’s Middle East and Africa Region People Department also has a strong focus on developing young talent across the region and has implemented Grow Programs with its local business units in other markets where it operates, such as Senegal, Mozambique, Somaliland, Angola, and Egypt amongst others.

The program is a unique opportunity for fresh graduates, men, and women, who possess the passion for development and the potential to grow in fascinating and diverse different roles in DP World MEA Region. Applications are open to graduates up until the age of 30 who have studied in the selected fields of Mechanical Engineering (and who have a master’s degree). As part of our commitment to diversity and inclusion, we also strongly encourage female applicants.