Over 30 projects aimed at protecting wildlife

It is part of DP World Santos’ DNA to reconcile economic development and sustainability. Since the beginning of the construction of the terminal, in 2006, nearly 12 million Reais (approximately 4 million dollars) have been invested in over 30 projects aiming at protecting and managing the region’s wildlife.

Among these actions, we highlight the rescue of more than 35 thousand plants and seeds, the reuse of biomass and plant residue and the monitoring of areas of restinga and mangroves. DP World Santos has also promoted the monitoring and management of terrestrial wildlife around the construction site, with emphasis on the monitoring, capture and translocation of terrestrial and aquatic animals, aiming to preserve the species in places authorized by IBAMA.

Recognition of the company’s responsible environmental management on the site was achieved in 2012 when it was appointed among the four global finalists for sustainable projects in partnership with the IDB (Inter-American Development Bank).