Milestone Achievement for DP World Karachi (QICT) and Port Qasim Authority

Milestone Achievement for DP World Karachi (QICT) and Port Qasim Authority

Date: 31/12/2020

DP World Karachi (QICT) is pleased to announce that with the addition of 2 New Super Post Panamax Twin Lift QCs to its existing fleet of 3 Super Post Panamax Quay Cranes, we have created the capability of handling 4 container vessels at the same time starting on 14thof December 2020. This is a milestone achievement not only for DP World Karachi and the Port Qasim Authority, but also for the entire shipping industry of Pakistan and more importantly for Pakistani Exporters.

The capabilities of the Port Qasim Authority Marine Operations Department was thoroughly showcased as they very efficiently managed to berth 4 vessels side by side at our terminals 1 & 2 occupying our entire berths. We worked independently without any switching of cranes. The inclusion of these 2 brand new Super Post Panamax Twin Lift cranes has resulted in a very fast turnaround of vessels thereby increasing our capacity to handle more cargo. This is a clear testament to the fact that alignment in core values and shared vision are at the core of a winning partnership in case of DP World and Port Qasim Authority.

Since its inception in 1997, DP World Karachi (QICT) has constantly invested in upgrading its terminal infrastructure in terms of procuring the latest and state-of-the-art vessel and yard handling equipment, in order to better serve the import and export trade of Pakistan and to constantly enhance its capabilities and improve efficiencies. We are the only terminal in Pakistan whose services have gone beyond the gates in terms of having integrated value added services thru IC3 for Pakistani exports to US, Container Freight stations and a 35 acre truck holding area in Port Qasim, an off dock terminal in Karachi namely NLCCT for catering Karachi local cargo and for up-country cargo through very efficient handling by train destined for our ICD in Lahore. All these assets have e-solutions like online payments, Electronic Delivery Order, Que Management System, Mobile Android Application etc.

The core philosophy behind DP World Karachi’s success is a deep caring for its customers, by constantly exploring avenues for ease of doing business and implementing best practices in order to serve Pakistan’s trade in the most effective and efficient manner, contributing to the betterment and faster growth of the economy.

Our aim is to be the true trade enabler for the entire business community of Pakistan.