Smart Trade

Smart Trade

Wireless Telemetry System (WTS)

This system was designed in house by our dedicated engineering staff and is meant to calculate, record and deliver data from any terminal equipment be it a gantry Crane, an RTG, a reach stacker or an Empty handler to a mobile phone or a computer. This system enhances Quay crane and RTG performance by improving productivity along with reduction in diesel consumption and carbon footprints. This also reduces man machine interface resulting in improved fake Breitling watches safety standards. This is a very economical innovation as the unit cost is only USD110 which in layman terms is 70% less than a Radio Frequency Modem and 15 times lesser than a GSM PLC based Modem.

Low Cost RDTs

At the end of year 2011 QICT IT team implemented an innovative solution using low cost PDA's. These devices run Windows CE systems and the major advantage of these PDAs are that they are priced much lower to the traditional Teklogix/LXE devices that we use for trucks. The device costs about USD 700 as compared to USD 3500 for traditional devices. The PDA's have been integrated with SPARCS through an interface software developed in-house. By virtue of this innovation QICT managed to save a Capital expenditure of approx. PKR 30million.

Gate Automation

The QICT IT team also achieved another milestone in efficient gate operations. Through their innovative thinking they have integrated Bar Code technology with the TOS to smoothen gate f operations. This system takes snap shots at every stage of the transaction, stores in the terminal data and therefore retrieval of the data at any time is just a click away. By introducing Bar Code enabled gates we have been able to eliminate delays, enhance security of the cargo and reduce transaction time.

Smart Hoist and Trolley Control System for Safe Operation of RTG

Improving Safety in the work environment is of critical importance to DP World Karachi Engineering Department. To that effect, a smart system was designed in-house to minimize container collision on Rubber Tyre Gantries (RTG) during container handling. It records intelligently the location at which the RTG has placed containers and avoids the recorded heights when moving containers above. The system is highly cost effective and robust, requiring no additional components.

Lowering carbon footprint at DP World Karachi:

The world we live in is unique; the one of its kind that we know of. The engineering department at DP World Karachi is constantly striving to reduce the carbon footprint of the terminal, so that our world remains the way we like it, healthy and clean. To achieve this goal, we have installed all RTGs with smaller, more efficient main engines. They consume less fuel and produce less waste in their operation. Furthermore, all RTGs are fitted with an Auxiliary Backup Engine which is even more fuel efficient. This small engine takes over when the Crane is idle, powering only ancillary systems for the RTG and Crane, such as climate control, lights and safeties, etc. Procedures and smart change-over functionality has also been incorporated to maximize the Auxiliary Engine time in order to reduce fuel consumption.

Performance centric Operation:

Coordination between Engineering and Operations is key to a productive Container Terminal; to provide a top notch service to our customers, we, at DP World Karachi Engineering and Operations, constantly monitor equipment performance and resource utilization through Key Performance Indicators such as Productivity and Fuel Consumption, etc. to maintain a highly productive outlook and provide a customer centric service. Assisting us in this endeavor is our indigenously designed and maintained Data Acquisition Network that runs over the latest Wireless Technology and provides Real-time, on-demand data and parameters of equipment and their operators.

Web Based System for our Valued Customers

DP World’s motto from day one is to provide accurate information in the fastest possible time period to our valued customers and always endeavours to fulfil the customers’ needs and requirements.

We are pleased to announce another milestone by DP World Karachi (QICT) wherein we have introduced for the convenience of our valued clients a Line Facilitation System (LFS) the features of which are given below:

  • Container inquiry on web
  • Container inquiry through SMS
  • Invoice amount inquiry on Web
  • Vessel schedule on web
  • Line Facilitation System
  • Shipping lines can release/hold their containers by them selves
  • Shipping lines can get details of containers through LFS
  • Online report generation has also been provided to shipping lines through LFS
  • Shipping lines can booking details of Empty Delivery
  • Booking EDI Facility
  • Automated Reports for Shipping Lines and Internal Customers
  • EDI based custom processing

In case of any operational issue of the website our very professional and dedicated Customer Service team is working round the clock to assist and facilitate queries related to LFS.