Ans: All type of CY & CFS cargo(s) i.e. waste paper, general cargo, baggage, scrap, mix metal scrap & vehicles etc.
Ans: For CFS category only FCL / LCL cargo TP is allowed


Ans: Disparity in VGM weight can be occurred due to following reasons:

  • Submitted VGM weight at Pre-gate/Shipping Line is wrong (Input error)
  • Weighment activity outside terminal was not conducted as per required standard
  • Container tare weight may not be added with cargo weight, i.e. Net Weight + Container tare weight = VGM
  • Weighment activity inside Terminal was not conducted as per required standard can be requested for re-weighment

Integrated Cargo Container Control – IC3

Ans: Export cargo destined for USA is handled at IC3, also non-USA part Shipment/multi GD cargo is accepted at IC3.

Ans: Following facilities are being provided at IC3.

  • ANF/Custom examination
  • DEC Examination at yard (Yard/IC3 ramp)
  • Weighment
  • Scanning (Only for USA)


Ans: To know the grounding status of your container track it at
Ans: After completion of Custom/ANF Examination, cargo is being re-stuffed back in container. However, post-examination Seal will be affixed only in the presence of Custom/ANF Authorities.
Ans: Grounding slot is available to cater 1036 TEUs + 24 Reefer Plug-in points
No. of Fork Lifter of 3 MT 12
No. of Shovel for scrap cargo arrangement 02
No. of heavy Fork Lifter of 10 MT 01
Labour & PackersTrained and professional labour for cargo arrangement & Packing
Ans: Proper barricaded area under CCTV coverage with controlled access

NLCCT Off-Dock

Import delivery under WeBOC system Round the clock
Import delivery under one-customs system Till 1900 hours
Export receiving under WeBOC and one-Custom Round the clock
Ans: Inter-port movement can be only processed in specific time slot, i.e. 2300 hours to 0600 hours
Ans: FCL/LCL shipments carrying general commodities except scrap cargo
Ans: Capacity of covered shed is 1300 CBM and capacity of LCL shed is 2000 CBM Approx.

Operations – Technical Information

Distance from Pilot station to berth (nautical miles) 23 NM
Time from Pilot station to berth (hours) 2.5 Hour
Average Range of Tide (LW - HW) (meter)* -0.62 to 4.01
Tide Constraint (if any)Tidal Port
Maximum permissible vessel draft (if any) (meters): T112.5 m (Taking benefit of tide)
Maximum permissible vessel draft (if any) (meters): T213m
Maximum permissible vessel draft (if any) (meters): T1as per valid PQA notice to mariners
Total Area Terminal 1240000 Sq. Metres
Total Area Terminal 2250000 Sq. Metres
Stacking Area Terminal 1124000 Sq. Metres
Stacking Area Terminal 282800 Sq. Metres
Total length of berth: T1712m
Total length of berth: T2615m
Height of berth above sea level at tide zero (meter)*5.2m
Vessel's side alongside berthAs per tide
Max permissible LOA in meters (if any) 
Max permissible Beam in meters (if any)
as per valid notice to mariners
as per valid notice to mariners
Number of gantry cranes at berth: T106
Number of gantry cranes at berth: T205
Maximum outreach of gantry cranes (in meters & number of rows): T144m (16 rows)
Maximum outreach of gantry cranes (in meters & number of rows): T256m (20 rows)
SWL of gantry cranes under spreader (metric tons): T142mt
SWL of gantry cranes under spreader (metric tons): T250mt
SWL of gantry cranes under hook (metric tons): T152mt
SWL of gantry cranes under hook (metric tons): T278mt
Number of gantry cranes fit for twin lift operations (1x40' or 2x20' in 1 move)05 cranes only at T2
Min number of 20’ bays between 2 gantry cranes working in 20’ bays3 x 20' bays
Min number of 20’ bays between 2 gantry cranes working in 40’ bays1 x 40' bay
Bollard start number (at which Berth)Terminal 1 = 5.0
Terminal 2 = 4.8
Bollard end number (at which berth)Terminal 1 = 727.24
Terminal 2 = 612.7
Distance between bollardsapproximately 25 meters
Over height limit (OOG under spreader with additional gear) (meters)3.04m
Longitudinal clearance between the legs of gantry cranes17m
Maximum OOG cargo width (meters)
Capacity of stacking area (TEU)
0.91m (Subject to conditions)
33182 Teus
Design Capacity (in M of TEUS)1.4 Million per annum
Type of yard handling equipmentECH, RS, RTG, ITV, Fork Lifter
Rubber Tyre Gentry (RTG)45
Reach Stacker07
Empty Container Handler03
Fork Lifter 07 tons01
Fork Lifter 16 tons01
Number of reefer plugs available at the terminal*636 in fixed stands (Total 1000 with make shift arrangements)
Limitation in hazardous cargo that can be stowed at terminal? if yes, please specifyIMO 1 & 7 cannot be stowed in Terminal
Cut-off for dry cargo before ship's arrival (hours)24 hours prior arrival of vessel
Terminal Operation hours24/7 - 30 minutes break for shift changeover at 0800 hrs & 2000 hrs (1 hour break on Friday – prayer)



ICD Lahore


  • One window inland logistical solutions, including storage of cargo and containers
  • Customs clearance of Export & Import cargo/containers and also provides infrastructure and resources for transportation via rail to QICT
Ans: ICD/DP World Lahore in itself is a success story. ICD is presently handling 3 times of the volumes since its inception in the year 2011. It is now managing 5,000 TEUs/month. ICD enjoys patronage of all Shipping Lines, Pakistan Railways, Customs House Agents, and Transporters offering their services to the customers using ICD / DP World Lahore. Customer portfolio of DP World Lahore is growing day by day.


  • Railway is cheaper than the road transport
  • Safe mode of inland transportation
  • QICT / ICD provides local haulage to customer facility / warehouse
  • QICT / ICD offers 24/7 HelpDesk services to its customers
  • QICT / ICD customer are able to pay invoice either in Karachi or Lahore
  • Facility of Let Pass account to avoid any disruption in movement occurs due to billing issues
  • QICT / ICD provides local haulage to customer facility / warehouse
  • All the mentioned services will be available for the customers on attractive rates as compare to road transport that will reduce the cost of business for customers. Charges for various services and handling at ICD are very competitive, and can be considered wherever possible based on frequency / commitment of volumes and other factors with the consent of Management
  • Please get in touch with our Marketing team for more information
Ans: ICD Marketing Team would guide you through the simple process of diverting your consignment to ICD. Given email ID: [email protected]
Ans: ICD is fully equipped facility to handle any cargo and specialized arrangements have already been made for some of our customers. Customized storage and handling arrangements can also be made and infrastructural developments / amendments can also be done depending on the needs of handling
Ans: ICD Marketing Department is dealing with customer's direct business queries. However, ICD has a single window helpdesk service working 24/7 where all general information regarding train schedules, inbound / outbound movement, status of consignment, and assistance is provided to all our valued customers to keep them abreast about the status of their consignments
Ans: ICD has one of the largest container and cargo handling terminal in Lahore and has paved containers yards for storage of containers and has 25,000 sq. ft. covered and fully developed warehousing space for storage of cargo. In addition to this, two Reach Stackers, Specialized labor, Fork lifter, and general operational equipment are available round the clock to meet the expectations of our customers

Auction – System Control

Ans: Details are available at or call to QICT auction desk
Ans: By custom Act 1969 (amend 30 June 2019) Goods not clear form port within 15 days are under auction
Ans: No need to require Auction release letter just contact Auction desk of (QICT/MTO & NLCCT) once release code receive
Ans: It is completely custom base decision, you may contact the competent authority
Ans: Please visit custom Auction facility @ CFS MTO
Ans: Yes, at any stage it can but after fulfilling necessary procedure of custom & clearance of port charges