The Benefits of Blueberries to Peru

Transforming trade together

Takes goods further


Camposol is an agro-industrial company that farms fruit across more than 25,000 hectares of land just east of Lima. It began operations in 1997 producing asparagus predominately for the European market. Over the following ten years, the company began growing avocados, mangos, mandarins, and blueberries, and through its partnership with DP World, exporting produce across the world.

Camposol's expansion has mirrored the blueberry industry in Peru.  When Camposol began growing blueberries, the country’s industry was producing 30 tonnes of the fruit. Today it is producing more than 180,000 tonnes and is worth $1 billion to the Peruvian economy, thanks to the subtropical environment that facilitates year-long production. 

Camposol's blueberry business increased by 25 percent last year to almost 30,000 tonnes. Much of this is due to the expansion of our organic business with an additional 2,000 tonnes available. Our focus on quality has helped us to increase our sales by over 100 percent in the Chinese market, where Camposol's brand and quality have been very well received.

- José Antonio Gómez Bazán, Chief Executive Officer, Camposol S.A.

From Farm to Fork

As Peruvian farmers like Camposol kept pace with global demand for the Peruvian blueberry, constructing a new irrigation system and integrating cutting-edge technologies to process and pack blueberries, the country’s logistical infrastructure also had to modernise.

That meant integrating Controlled Atmosphere Technology across a multimodal network to limit the fruit’s respiration and delay its ripening as it travelled from the farms to people’s forks.

It sounds simple, but the industry has a waste problem with almost 30 percent of high-quality fruits and vegetables falling through the grid of trade chains due to a lack of supply chain visibility, according to research by Deloitte. Congested ports and labour shortages also compound these challenges, making it harder than ever to achieve an unbroken cold chain and meet customer demand.

Keeping it Fresh

DP World has worked with blueberry farmers to maintain the freshness in blueberries that have given companies like Camposol a reputation for quality. 

It begins with improved integration of data and software that optimises the shipping route, taking into consideration bottlenecks in the supply chain that can be circumnavigated and balancing customer demand for timeliness with cost efficiencies. Improved forecasting through a single-window system also allows farmers to help retailers plan stock according to the size of the harvest and anticipated shelf-life based on the expected time in transit. 

As Camposol has expanded into more countries across the world, so too has DP World increased its network, with operations in 80 countries and business units across the supply chain. The end-to-end solution that DP World now provides to Peruvian customers reduces the number of breaks in the cold chain, giving greater control to both the farmer and the retailer.

Finally, DP World has invested heavily in the infrastructure around the Port of Callao, creating port-centric facilities that include refrigerated warehousing and multi-temperature pallets. These cutting-edge storage systems prolong the life of the blueberry, ensuring farmers can export their produce further afield than ever before.

“The company's solution is not only helping Peruvian blueberry farmers access new markets, but it is driving economic growth and job creation in the region. We are proud to be able to help these farmers achieve their goals and bring their products to consumers around the world.”

- Nicolas Gauthier, CEO, DP World Peru

Looking to the future: further than ever before

DP World continues to help enable greater trade in Peru and the planned construction of a $350-million-dollar expansion project at the Port of Callao is evidence of this. As Camposol continues to thrive, the demand for Peruvian blueberries continues to soar. It’s mirrored by the ambition of DP World to help customers and partners meet those challenges and take goods further.

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