Local Rates

Container storage

Type of containersPrice* per day

0 - 2 days

3 - 21 days  + 22 days
20' ContainerFree chargeUS$ 9.56 US$ 11.03
 40’ y 45’ ContainerFree charge  US$ 19.11 US$ 22.05

US$ 140.00 per day (including electric plugs & monitoring)

20' ContainerOOG storage flat imports 20' - US$ 12.10 per day
40' Container OOG storage flat imports 40' - US$ 24.20 per day

Vehicle dispatch

Vehicle typePrice* per unit
Applies to all type of vehicles dispatched thru gateUS$ 10.00

Vehicle discharge

Vehicle typePrice* per unit
Light vehicleUS$ 102.90
Heavy vehicle US$ 162.75
 Buses US$ 162.75
 Motorcycle US$ 52.50

Vehicle storage

Vehicle typePrice* per day
1 - 3 Days4 - 30 days31 - 60 days 61 - 90 days + 91 days 
Light vehicleFree chargeUS$ 9.45 US$ 14.70 US$ 27.30US$ 46.20
Heavy vehicleFree chargeUS$ 11.55 US$ 16.80 US$ 29.40US$ 49.35
 Buses Free chargeUS$ 11.55 US$ 16.80 US$ 29.40US$ 49.35
 Motorcycle Free chargeUS$ 4.20 US$ 7.35 US$ 13.65US$ 24.15 


Verification type Price* per container

Refeer full inspection

US$ 225.00
Reefer visual yard inspectionUS$ 125.00
 Express full refeer inspectionUS$ 225.00
Express refeer visual inspection US$ 100.00
Verification Full Personnel US$ 200.00

Verification Full Personnel

US$ 200.00

Forklift (Palletized)

US$ 75.00 per container
Discharge of container to truckUS$ 165.00

Dry visual inspection

US$ 75.00
Dry off (gate in & gate out)US$ 100.00

 Dispatch Imports Services

(Applies to containers dispatched thru gate)

US$ 75.00 
Container stuffing and fullfillingUS$ 320.25 

 No show (Applies to containers requested for

verification by the owner and not showing up)

US$ 100.00
FZ (Applies to containers dispatched by ramp thru gate) US$ 42.00 
 Dispatch on Holidays (Does not apply OEA clients) US$ 181.50 
 Discharge of container to truck US$ 204.75 
Containers Standar Services Price* per container
Port Assessment - 20' container US$ 0.67 
Port Assessment - 40' container US$ 1.34
Security ISPS  US$ 2.10 


Type of services Price* per container
Change of seal US$ 47.25 
Haulage for x-Ray Inspection (Includes yard – x ray machine – yard moves)

US$ 75.00

Scanning FeeUS$ 8.00
Inspection of potentially pollution cargoUS$ 5.00 
Appointment for Import dispatch

US$ 0.93 

Category ChangeUS$ 30.00
Transload(Prices may vary depending on difficulty)

US$ 160.00

US$ 285.00

US$ 480.00

Type of ServicesPrice*

Use of “slings” over dimensioned cargo (Including RTG, sling, labor)

(Prices may vary depending on difficulty and dimensions of cargo)

US$ 125.00

US$ 250.00

US$ 375.00

Per container per lift

Handling of hazardous(**) cargo category 1US$ 275.00 per container per day
Hazardous (**) cargo category 1 securityUS $ 44.00 per day
Handling of hazardous(**) cargo category 2US$ 210.00 per container per day
Hazardous (**) cargo category 2 security US$ 40.00 per day
Signposting for truckers RD$ 350.00 per truck
 Container Yard MoveUS$ 40.00 per move

 OIRSA Fumigation Service:

 Containers US$ 5.00 
 Heavy vehicle US$ 4.00
 Light vehicle US$ 3.00 
 CSI inbound cargo US$ 52.50
 Replacement of a lost ticket US$ 100.00
 Temperature Parameter Change US$ 25.00

*Note: Prices do not include taxes (18% ITBIS) and its fee in Dominican Pesos (RD$) is subject to the exchange rate at the time of payment. If you are a registered customer of CMS, you can obtain your quotation online by introducing BL number or container(s) number to be dispatched. 

(*) Hazardous cargo:

Category 1= Explosives

Category 2= Non Explosives but highly flammable

Before making any payment to DP World Caucedo, the following requirements must be fulfilled:

1) Payment of the amount corresponding to the Line/Agency

2) Payment of the amount corresponding to the DGA

3) Payment of the amount corresponding to DPH, the dispatch ticket emitted by DPH must be presented.

Once these transactions are completed you can proceed to the cashier’s office and make the appropriate payment or pay online using www.popularenlinea.com.do, selecting the option of beneficiaries where we are featured as Puerto Caucedo. Please keep your quotation handy, as the system will require the assigned number.


Concept Unit of Assessment Rate of Shipping Lines  Complementary Rates of Customers
20’ | 40’ | 45’ | Refeer Containers
Stowage: charge or discharge (local) Per lift US$ 325.00

Receiving / delivering container

other than throughput

Per lift US$ 35.00 US$ 35.00

Movement of container from

one chassis to another

Per liftUS$ 35.00US$ 35.00
Interchange between vesselsPer liftUS$ 35.00US$ 35.00

Container change of nomination

(Roll over Fee)

Per changeUS$ 50.00US$ 50.00
Extra gate moves(gate in/out)Per liftUS$ 50.00US$ 50.00
Special segregation on yardPer liftUS$ 50.00US$ 50.00

Administration fee for system data amendment.

(First amendment free of charge)

Per liftUS$ 40.00US$ 40.00
Hatch cover movesPer liftUS$ 140.00
TransshipmentPer liftUS$ 125.00Adittional
Over Height (spreader bar capable) US$ 345.00Adittional
RestowsPer liftUS$ 120.00
Shifting between hatchesPer liftUS$ 80.00

Container handling over-sized load

(using extendable bars) Additional stowage

Per liftUS$ 255.00
O/B Dry full (EXPORTS) (3 days free)Per TEUS per dayUS$ 7.00
Empty container storage (3 free days)Per TEUS per dayUS$ 7.00
Transshipment storage (7 free days)Per TEUS per dayUS$ 6.00

Refeer per diem (no free days)

(includes electric plug and monitoring)

Per TEUS per dayUS$ 122.00US$ 122.00
Stripping/Stuffing & Dray 20′Per containerUS$ 270.00 
Stripping/Stuffing & Dray 40′Per containerUS$ 375.00 
Reefer Pre-TripPer containerUS$ 35.00
Reefer plug-in/un-plugPer eventUS$ 30.00

Lost time awaiting vessel arrival (per hr)

First 6 (six) hours free (per crane/gang assigned)

Per hourUS$ 1200.00
Overweight (1) additional stowage  (32.01 - 40)Per tonUS$ 10.00
Overweight (2) additional stowage (40.01 - 45)Per tonUS$ 35.00


Break Bulk Weight Rate for Break Bulk (carriers with TSA)   + Spreader Dismount 
1,000 a 19,999 kg US$ 757.05  
20,000 a 34,999 Kg US$ 950.05  
35,000 a 49,999 kg US$ 1,390.50   
50,000 a 59,999 kgUS$ 2,008.50 
60,000 a 69,999 kgUS$ 3,373.25 
70,000 a 79,999 kgUS$ 3,635.90 US$ 950.00 
80,000 a 90,999 kgUS$ 4,403.25 US$ 950.00
91,000 a 100,999 kgUS$ 7,104.94  US$ 950.00
101,000 a 111,999 kgUS$ 8,596.38US$ 950.00
112,000 a 121,999 kgUS$ 10,403.00US$ 950.00
122,000 a 149,999 kgUS$ 13,679.43 US$ 950.00
 150,000 + kg TBQ Under discussion 


Vessels Rates Prices
Environmental assessment  US$ 2.55 per feet per day
Dockage (minimum 1 day) US$ 1.63 per feet per day
Dockage non-regular line vessels US$ 2.54 per feet per day
Line handling US$ 125.00 per vessel call
Vessel SecurityUS$ 87.60 per hour
 Port improvement irregular vessels  US$ 2.00 per ton
 Wharfage irregular vessels US$ 3.50 per ton
 Cargo Rates Prices
 Wharfage full import  US$ 44.79 per container 
 Wharfage full export  US$ 14.18 per container
 Port improvement full import / export US$ 2.55 per container
 Port improvement (TS) FCL US$ 2.38 per container
 ISPS full import / export US$ 2.61 per container
 ISPS Full Transshipment US$ 2.38 per container
 ISPS project vessels US$ 855.50 per call


Rate typesPrices
Weighing the containerUS$ 60.00
Check-in of equipments and machineries leased by customers 20% the cost of renting

Download on port of equipments with

weighting less than 1000 kgs

 US$ 250.00
Taking pictures to containersUS$ 3.00 per unit
 Quick fix patch

US $ 55.00 + the cost of one move in the yard

This value must be added the VAT (18%) and subject to the rate of the day.

The information published in this section has been provided by ZFMC for DP World Caucedo. The terminal has no influence on the published fares.