Our Infrastructure

Our Infrastructure

Our operational capacity, sophisticated equipment and technology, make the flow of trade possible

In DP World, after finishing the expansion of our wharf, we increased the operating capacity from 1.4 MM to 2.5 MM TEUS per year. We have 1,000 linear square (sic) meters in our main wharf, and 300 square meters in the breakwater dock.

  • Dock 1 with 13 meters in depth
  • Dock 3 with 14.5 meters in depth
  • Dock 3 with 15.5 meters in depth
  • Breakwater dock 12 meters in depth

Our 80-hectare container yard has available 654 refrigerator connectors for refrigerated cargo.

For each cargo movement to be efficient and safe, we have the most robust and sophisticated equipment on the market.

  • 5 Súper Post-Panamax Cranes
  • 5 Post-Panamax Cranes
  • 3 Mobile Cranes
  • 32 RTG Cranes
  • 11 Reach stackers and empty handlers
  • 90 Terminal Tractors

In the DP World Industrial and Logistics Park we have 80,000 square meters of warehouses and 4 MM square meters destined for the development of manufacturing free zones.

Other actions in our growth plan include the development of manufacturing free zone parks and the creation of an air cargo HUB in alliance with the Punta Cana Airport.

We reaffirm our commitment to collaborating with the Dominican State, to turn the Dominican Republic into the most important logistics HUB in the Americas.