Automotive industry


Our industry-leading vehicle supply chain management solutions are using the newest technologies to reimagine how Australia’s automotive sector moves vehicles to market.


The automotive sector’s logistics needs are changing and we’re changing too. Australia’s import-led vehicle market and international trade in vehicle parts require secure, agile and efficient supply chains.
That’s why we’re developing high-tech ports and terminal operations at Sydney, Melbourne and other locations, with seamless logistics connections that integrate with industry-leading technology and multimodal transport options. We’re changing what’s possible for Australia’s automotive industry.

Demand for automotive logistics

Market Intelligence

10% of global automotive trade

We handle 10% of global automotive trade, including 2 million cars a year.

15 hubs

We have 15 dedicated hubs for automotive transshipment.

Increased battery-handling capacity

We recently increased our lithium-ion battery-handling capacity by 50%, helping with supply chain solutions for electric vehicles and trucks.

12 RoRo liners

We also have relationships with 12 of the world’s leading RoRo liners.

Australia’s largest maritime hub

Our Port of Melbourne terminal is Australia’s largest maritime hub for containerised, automotive and general cargo.


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Our F1 partnership with McLaren helps make them champions of faster, smarter and more sustainable automotive logistics. Smart logistics solutions are our answer to keeping McLaren F1 in pole position. Using next-generation blockchain technology and seamlessly connected multimodal solutions, DP World Logistics is delivering McLaren’s vehicle needs efficiently and sustainably, so they’re always race-ready.

Smart logistics solutions


Our integrated road, rail, barge and air links connect ports in Australia to international markets from the US to Europe. We are investing in expanding our operations in Africa and across Central, East and Southeast Asia, so our customers are more connected than ever with the world’s markets.

Technology is increasing the efficiency and security of our logistics operations. That’s why we are embracing state-of-the-art digital innovation across our operations, such as secure blockchain software, packing robots and automated storage that can optimise end-to-end logistics processes and keep cargo flowing smoothly and efficiently.
As a global business, we are serious about our commitment to reducing carbon emissions across our operations. Our sustainability strategy is focused on investing in digital innovations that boost efficiencies and cut emissions, creating increasingly sustainable and cost-effective logistics options for our customers.
Experience and expertise count. We combine our automotive value chain know-how with cutting-edge solutions and infrastructure to help your business grow – increasing cargo flows, creating connections with new customers in new markets, and working toward a more sustainable future. It’s no coincidence that we are trusted with handling 10% of the world’s vehicle cargo.
Our integrated end-to-end automotive logistics provide full visibility and transparency and simplify supply chain management. Our solutions remove multiple third parties, leaving us to partner directly with you to tailor agile solutions that meet your individual industry needs.