Corporate Governance

Conducting our business responsibly, lawfully and ethically.

DP World Australia operates according to rigorous ethical, professional, and lawful standards. We are committed to providing the best stevedoring services, cargo logistics and supply chain solutions. We understand the importance of the decisions we make as an organisation and the impact they have on our people, customers, and communities. Our corporate procedures and policies provide a framework and set the expected standards for how we operate which is underpinned by a culture of accountability, transparency and good business practices. We have a clearly defined corporate governance framework, that is based on accountability, transparency, effective delegation, and appropriate oversight to support sound decision-making.

Whistleblowing Hotline

The Whistleblowing Hotline is a mechanism to provide all our stakeholders with the confidence and means to raise concerns regarding any wrongdoing they observe, knowing that their concerns will be dealt with effectively, confidentiality and consistently.

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We review our corporate procedures and company policies regularly to ensure they are up to date, accurate and reflect best practice.

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