Delivering comprehensive global solutions for the whole maritime industry

At DP World, we recognise that long-haul shipping is only part of the logistics equation. Cargo still needs to get from large global ports to more remote locations, including inland destinations, using agile forms of transport.

That’s why we’ve built a feedering and shortsea network serving hundreds of locations around the world, with regional connections by sea, river, road and rail. From Europe to North Africa, the Middle East and Asia, our multimodal solutions enable the seamless door-to-door transportation of goods.  


DP World’s flexible, reliable and cost-effective feedering services provide the vital link between local logistics and our cargo-laden container ships that criss-cross the globe. Our modern fleet of smaller vessels links numerous regional outports with global hubs, providing year-round scheduled connections so your cargo arrives on time, every time.


Short sea shipping is a competitive alternative to conventional road transport and perfect for carriage to hard-to-access ports, islands and other areas. Cargo owners can cut lead times, emissions and costs with our reliable short sea vessels that link with road, rail and river routes to reach even the most remote areas.