Terminal Tariff

Terminal Tariff

SERVICES Container
Storage Services 20’ 40’-45’  Per
Import Full Storage (0 to 5th days) 21 35 USD/Day/Container
Import Full Storage (6th to 11th days) 26 41 USD/Day/Container
Import Full Storage (12th to 20th days)3350 USD/Day/Container
 Import Full Storage (21th days and over)4059USD/Day/Container
 Reefer Container Storage (0 to 6th days)81102USD/Day/Container
 Reefer Container Storage (7th days and over)91112USD/Day/Container
 Import OOG Storage (0 to 6th days)5881USD/Day/Container
Import OOG Storage (7th to 14th days)7094USD/Day/Container
 Import OOG Storage (15th days and over)76100USD/Day/Container
IMDG surcharge20%20%Container
Container with leakage (Applicable from day 1)385385USD/Day/Container
General Services 20’ 40’-45’Per
 Gate Out (Road)*7979 USD/Container
Gate Out (Railway)*8989USD/Container
Reefer Gate Out*9191


 Train Reefer Gate Out* 91 91 USD/Container
 Trail Load/Discharge11+VAT11+VAT USD/Container
 Energy Transition and Environmental Sustainability * 5+VAT 5+VAT  USD/Container
 Cyber Security*1.5+VAT1.5 +VAT USD/Container
Positioning within terminal91+VAT121+VAT USD/Container
 Occupation toll 73+VAT USD/Day/Truck/Trailer
Gate in Attendance Service 66+VAT USD/Vehicle
Photo Service3+VAT USD/Photo
Radiation Survey Service15+VAT USD/Container
Seal/Lock Attaching-Detaching11+VAT USD/Container
 OOG surcharge (applicable for Gate Out)100%100%Container 
IMDG surcharge (applicable for Gate Out )20% 20%  Container 
 OOG surcharge (applicable for Positioning within terminal) 50% 50%Container 
 IMDG surcharge (applicable for Positioning within terminal)20% 20%  Container
CFS Services20' 40'-45’Per
Standard Stripping -Standard137+VAT 197+VAT USD/Container
Non-standard Stripping (Using sling) -Non Standard225+VAT 280+VAT  USD/Container
Stripping with Manpower-Non Standard247+VAT 307+VAT USD/Container 
CFS Trailer Service110+VAT 110+VAT  USD/Container
 20' 40'-45'20'40'-45'20'40'-45'
FULL INSPECTION364.32510.06437.19  612.07546.56765.09 
INSPECTION 309.68437.19371.61 524.63464.51655.79
SAMPLING 309.68309.68371.61371.61464.51464.51
 WEIGHING 255.03  255.03  306.04306.04382.54382.54
FULL INSPECTION + X-RAY519.17664.9622.99797.87778.75997.35
FULL INSPECTION + SAMPLING519.17664.9622.99797.87778.75997.35
FULL INSPECTION + WEIGHING491.85637.57590.21765.09737.77956.36
INSPECTION + X-RAY464.51592.03557.43710.43696.77888.05
INSPECTION + SAMPLING464.51592.03557.43710.43696.77888.05
INSPECTION + WEIGHING437.19564.71524.63677.65655.79847.06
FULL INSPECTION + X-RAY + SAMPLING674819.73808.81983.681011.011229.06
FULL INSPECTION + X-RAY + WEIGHING646.68792.41776.01950.89970.021188.62
FULL INSPECTION + SAMPLING + WEIGHING646.68792.41776.01950.89970.021187.94
INSPECTION + X-RAY + SAMPLING619.36746.87743.23896.25929.031120.03
INSPECTION + X-RAY + WEIGHING592.03719.54  710.43863.45888.051079.32
INSPECTION + SAMPLING + WEIGHING592.03719.54  710.43863.45888.051079.32
 FULL INSPECTION + X-RAY + SAMPLING + WEIGHING801.52947.24961.821136.071202.281420.88
INSPECTION + X-RAY + SAMPLING + WEIGHING746.87874.39896.251049.261120.031311.58

Date of Update : 04.01.2022


  • Verified Gross Weight information; please click the link http://www.dpworld.com.tr/tr/liman-hizmetleri/dogrulanmis-brut-agirlikdba
  • *Security surcharge included.
  • Customer should make reservations for CFS related services at least 1 day before till 16:00 hours in advance.
  • Customer is obliged to provide specifications sheets, drawing of goods during reservation as soft copy.
  • Furthermore it is customer’s responsibility to provide handling instruction for the related cargo. Terminal operator will not be kept responsible in case of any loss/damage which may be caused due to nature of goods.
  • CFS operation is available on Monday to Saturday from 08:00 to 23:00.
  • Gate operation is available on Monday to Saturday from 08:00 to 23:00.On Sunday 08:00 to 16:00 hours gate can be opened, the customer is should request 24 hours pre advice to gate department.
  • Gate operation can be expanded to 00:00-08:00, based on the approval of Custom Authority. The related department of the terminal should be informed at least 19:00 at same day. 50% surcharge is applicable during those hours.
  • If trailer or lorry is subject to inspection, tariff for 40’ will be applicable.
  • Occupation fee will be applicable in case exceeds 00:00 hours.
  • Positioning within Terminal fee is applicable in case any cancellation on CFS or Customs related activities at CFS area.
  • DP World Yarımca reserves the right to change tariffs, without seeking any written consent from any party, and/or without providing advance notification to any party.
  • If the same vehicle entries to the terminal facility in same day, 50% be given a discount for ‘’gate in attendance service’’ transactions.
  • Warehouse costs for laden export containers, which must exit the customs bonded area and enter back into the free zone due to miscellaneous reasons, are charged based on our import tariff above.

Account Information:

E-mail: dpwy.billing@dpworld.com

  • US Dollars selling rate of the Central Bank of the Turkish Republic (TCMB) is based in invoicing
  • The amount of invoice will be paid DP WORLD Yarımca Liman İşletmeleri A.Ş Bank account before gate out which bank receipt will be required.
  • Banka Name: İşbank

Branch Office: Zincirlikuyu Ticari – 1393

IBAN (USD): TR820006400000213930031613

IBAN (TL) : TR050006400000113930030482

Banka Name: Garanti Bankası

Branch Office: Maslak Bulvarı Ticari-448

IBAN (USD): TR780006200044800009075501

IBAN (TL) : TR280006200044800006280473