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DP World, a globally recognized leader in comprehensive maritime-oriented supply chain solutions, has taken another significant stride in its logistics network expansion by introducing a new operational unit in Turkey. This strategic initiative is dedicated to providing top-tier Grade A facilities that optimize operations for DP World's esteemed customers within the Turkish market. Simultaneously, this endeavor will play a pivotal role in nurturing trade and economic growth across the expansive region, known for its intricate connections to the Marmara, Aegean, and Black Seas. Operating under the banner of DP World Logistics Turkey, this division stands as a cornerstone within DP World Logistics Europe's overarching strategic framework.

Central to DP World's operational philosophy is the seamless integration of intermodal connectivity and the strategic co-location of logistics facilities, industrial spaces, and port operations. This approach consistently amplifies supply chain efficiencies, resulting in reduced costs and heightened operational efficiency for our esteemed clients across global markets. Rooted in the dynamic region along the Marmara Sea, DP World Yarimca operates as a central commercial nexus, facilitating trade interactions between Europe and Asia, with an impact that resonates far beyond.

Our pioneering logistics division, established within this strategically positioned landscape, serves as a catalyst, propelling Europe's economic advancement on multiple fronts. To further enhance our capabilities, we are pleased to announce the incorporation of both bonded and non-bonded warehouse facilities in Istanbul and Kocaeli. These facilities are poised to elevate our offerings, providing even greater flexibility and value to our clients as they navigate the dynamic landscape of international trade.