Cookies Policy

Cookies Policy

Whenever you visit our websites or mobile applications by using “cookies” we collect your personal data for various reasons. We would like to keep you enlightened and we aim to be as transparent as we could.

This policy is created in order for us to explain what cookies are and how we utilize these. Besides, we give information regarding to different cookies that we use and how you can manage or delete these.

We hope that this policy will enlighten you regarding to cookie usage and by providing easy to understand information, feel safe in this respect. In case you have further questions regarding to this issue please do not hesitate to contact us.

This policy may be amended from time to time for revising purposes. In order to see when this policy was updated, please check the “LATEST UPDATE DATE” section which can be found above. Any changes made within this policy will be valid through once our policy is active in our website or once it is activated.

Please take a look at our Protection of Personal Data and Privacy Policy to get detailed information regarding to personal data which is collected by cookies.

What is a cookie?

A browser cookie is a data element which allows and helps websites and mobile applications remember information regarding to you. Internet storage and identifier other connected devices can be used for similar purposes. Within this policy in order to mention all other technologies we will mention these “Cookies”.

Why are we using cookies?

We are using cookies in order to protect your data & account, determine the most popular features, counting entrances to a website, enhancing user experience, keep our services safe, make our website user-friendly, adjust our website based upon your needs and interests and online behavioral commercial activities. Cookies are assisting us to remember you for the processes given above and allows us to provide services accordingly.

Cookie Types

We are giving the list of cookie types that we use in our mobile website and mobile applications for you. Through these cookies your personal data is being processed and in order to get detailed information in this respect please examine the Personal Data Protection and Privacy Policy which can be found at .........................

Basic Cookies: Basic cookies are required for accessing to our mobile website and application and also how these are run as required. Also, they allow connected services and features to be used. In case basic cookies are not present, it is not possible for our website and mobile applications to be run without any issues, and some of the services that you demand may not be given at all.

Cookie Type  Why Are We Using This Cookie
Session  Session cookies are used to protect the status of the application.
Load Balancing  Load Balancing cookies are used to distribute assets globally and ease server loads.
User ID  User ID cookies are used to ensure that users are only seeing their own data.
Security Security cookies are used for security controls and checks

Preference Cookies: Preference cookies are used for assisting us to personalize our website usage for yourselves by collecting your online behaviors and preferences and also language preference and other local settings.

Cookie Type Why Are We Using This Cookie?
Language  Language cookies are used to remember the language that users have chosen and display correct options.
Location  This cookie is used for choosing the proper country automatically by using IP address approximately (city, province, country, postal code) and displaying retail and tease days. 
Mobile  If the user is displaying the website through a mobile device, a cookie is sent to choose main web-site or a non-flash mobile website (in other words to understand if the device is capable of running Flash or not) 
Reference Websites It is saved in order to understand reference site user preferences better.
Last visit and activity Last visit date, activity and other information is saved in order to give users an update regarding to “what has changed after your last visit” and give them a better understanding of their preferences. 
Last Watched Video It is saved in order to understand user’s preference better by collecting date of the latest video is watched and title.
Sudden Cookies Sudden Cookies are used for audio and video content to be played.
Page History Page history cookies are sued for understanding user page history order. If the user is getting a written warning during his/her visit in our website. This cookie information is saved to logs for error notification and solution.

Social Tracking Add-on Cookies: These cookies, tracks social media users and used for analyzing markets and developing products.

 Cookie Type  Why Are We Using This Cookie
Facebook  It is used for tracking facebook users for market research analysis and product development.
Twitter  It is used for tracking twitter users for market research analysis and product development.

Analysis Cookies: It assists us to improve websites working mechanism by collecting your website usage. For Example, most frequently visited pages on website, difficulties that you faced in page and tells us if the advertisements are effective or not. This gives us a view of the bigger picture (general usage) rather then and individual’s usage.

Cookie Type  Why Are We Using This Cookie
Google Analytics  Google Analytics cookies assist website by collecting clustered statistics and contributes websites presentation and rerouting. Google supports the clustered statistics with demographic and relation data and allows us to understand our visitors better.
Adobe Omniture  Adobe Omniture analysis collects clustered statistical data for presentation and rerouting of the website.

Marketing Cookies: This cookie is used for all marketing activity purposes.

Cookie Type  Why Are We Using This Cookie
Advertisement  Provide behavioral and targeted advertisement.
Market Analysis  Market Analysis is run.
Campaign  Measures the campaigns effect.
Click Bait Identification Identifies click-bait phishing. 

Managing Cookies

Lots of Internet browsers accept cookies as a default setting. In our website and mobile sites or our mobile applications have the same default setting applied. If you want to remove cookies from your device you can use your browser settings to do so. Besides if you don’t want or want cookies to be allowed in your device you can manage these from your browsers settings.

In case you remove the cookies or block these, please consider that there might be some issues with your experience while browsing our websites, mobile site or mobile applications and some feature may not be able to be used. In case you haven’t changed how you manage or block cookies, even if the cookies are deleted during your visit to our website or via an email to your side a cookie will be placed with a link provided.

To Contact Us

In case you have a question regarding to our “cookie policy” please do not hesitate to contact [email protected]

Besides, in case you reach the address given below, we would gladly answer your questions regarding to “cookie policy”

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