DP World Yarımca, Mind Your Waste Foundation and Körfez Provincial Directorate of National Education signed a protocol launching a new awareness project titled “I Mind My Waste” to be carried out at local primary schools.

Kocaeli, Korfez – DP World Yarımca has launched the “I Mind My Waste” project at the primary schools in Yarımca in collaboration with the Körfez Provincial Directorate of National Education and the Mind Your Waste Foundation. As part of the protocol signed by the project’s three stakeholders, awareness-raising activities will be held in 24 primary schools in the district in an effort to reduce the use of disposable plastics and encourage recycling.

As part of the project, teachers will implement a program developed by experts from Kocaeli Universty's Departmant of Education to imbue 3rd graders with an enviromental awareness. Futhermore, DP World Yarımca's volunteers will contribute to the project by playing the "Zero Your Waste" agme with children. A Board game created by educational experts, Zero Your Waste aims to raise environmental awareness among young students.

The initial phase of the project will directly reach out to 1,500 students in the Körfez district, meaning that, with their families included, some 6,000 people will have been trained about wastes. To this end, 78 teachers and 100 DP World Yarımca employees will directly work together with school principals while 500 company employees will be contributing to the project through indirect ways.

As part of the educational activities, which started in April, teachers talk about the project during lessons while DP World Yarımca volunteers visit schools to play the Zero Your Waste game with students. A total of 2,000 hours of training in 24 schools is planned to be completed by the end of April. Based on the assessment to be made and the feedback received, it will be expanded to cover the entire Kocaeli province and subsequently, nationwide.

Encouraged by the positive results, we have expanded our Project this year to the entire Kocaeli provincereaching nearly 15.000 students.

With the motto "Our World is Our Future", we develop policies towards both our employees and the environment.

While doing all this, our ultimate goal is to leave a beautiful world behind us.

We strive to leave a beautiful legacy to future generations with our philosophy that combines the transparency of the sea, the robustness of the railway and the inclusiveness of the port.