Our Global Education Programme continues to engage 8-14-year-olds across all the regions we operate in. It teaches and inspires them on the topic of global trade and logistics. The programme has run for five years with great success:

- Over 26,500 students have taken part in the programme
- 98% of teachers said the programme provided something the school could not
- 97% of students said they learned something new
- Over 850 volunteers in 25 countries have completed the modules
- 87% of employees say their job satisfaction has increased after taking part

Minding My Waste Project

As DP World Yarımca, we continue our work for both the community and the environment in our region. We are carrying out the “Minding My Waste” Awareness Project, which we started in 2019 as part of Primary School third-graders in Körfez and continued with primary school third-graders in the whole Kocaeli region in 2020, related to the reduction of single-use plastics.

Within the framework of the cooperation developed between the Mind Your Waste Foundation and DP World Yarımca port in 2018, it is aimed to increase the awareness of the port employees and the residents of Kocaeli, Körfez district on garbage/waste and recycling issues and to increase the efficiency of waste management within the port.

The technical content of this cooperation is designed by the teachers of the Elementary Education Department of Kocaeli University Education Faculty with a pedagogical approach and consists of two components: educational training and classroom training. Educational content includes all application information, technical information and application materials in a folder specifically designed for teachers.
The education program was implemented in schools in cooperation with the Körfez District Directorate of National Education. 55 teachers in charge of third grades, who served in 27 elementary schools in the Körfez district, were provided with educational training. The project, launched in primary schools in Kocaeli-Körfez, aimed to raise students' awareness about waste and recycling in 27 primary schools. This pilot implementation of the project in Körfez reached 1,500 students directly last year. DP World Yarımca volunteer team of 100 people who accompanied the training carefully received the training of the game “Reset Trash" and then visited the schools where the training was given and played the game with 1,500 children and contributed to their fun learning. Encouraged by the positive results, our project began to be applied to third classes throughout Kocaeli province in 2020. By March, close to 15,000 students had been reached through the trainings held in Kocaeli region.

DP World is contributing to the project alongside its volunteer employees by reducing the use of single-use plastics at the port.

Within DP World Yarımca, the “Minding Waste Office System" was established and within the scope of the applications implemented within this framework, both the waste management system in the institution has been improved and awareness has been raised in the employees.

Arrangements in offices:
• Trash cans under the table have been removed.
• Separation/recycling bins and smoking areas in office units and open spaces have been improved.
• Removing disposable products in the office and replacing them with reusable products has been achieved. (For example, employees were distributed flasks for water and thermos for hot drinks.)
• Office volunteers were determined and the game “Zero The Waste” was widely played in primary schools.
• Meetings are organized to inform employees and to increase the awareness.
• Within the scope of World Environment Week, the District Market distributed 1000 bags made of specially prepared cotton fabric to shoppers to use instead of nylon bags.

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