Our goal is to leave a beautiful world behind us

Our goal is to leave a beautiful world behind us

Date: 29/12/2020

IMPACT2030 working to support for reaching the sustainable development objectives of The United Nations, has signed a study showing the impact of employee volunteering’s current state, potential and effects to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in Turkey. Employees of the companies which participated in Impact2030 Turkey Impact Council survey, conduct volunteering studies mostly on qualified education, gender equality, health and quality of life among 17 SDGs.

We focused on 17 goals

Turkey branch of the global research of IMPACT2030, was performed by DP World Yarimca, Istanbul Bilgi University Business Ethics Research Center, Headline Diversity and RW Institute. Working to meet the needs of all over the world and to increase global welfare, DP World contributes to global sustainability in the fields of gender equality, education and especially environment with its staff of 56 thousand people. DP World Yarımca CEO Kris Adams, who said that they are focusing on the 17 goals set by the United Nations for the IMPACT 2030 Sustainable Development Program, underlined that they are in close contact with both civil society and universities in achieving these goals.

Our slogan is "Our world is our future"

Adams said, “Sustainable Development Goals cannot be achieved without creating a brighter future, a hope for the world we live in, and private sector cooperation. We are proud to serve as a role model. With the motto "Our world is our future", we develop policies towards both our employees and the environment. While doing all these, our ultimate goal is to leave a beautiful world behind us. Indicating that they are focusing on local expertise and permanent collaborations as a global company, Kris Adams said, “We are constantly innovating to create the most efficient, safest and most sustainable solutions.

Highest awareness in Education

While 73 per cent of the 33 companies participating in the study measured the impact of employee volunteering activities using various methods, it was determined that 79 per cent of corporate volunteering was adapted to Sustainable Development Goals. The goals mostly supported by corporate volunteering are quality education with 66 percent, Gender Equality with 54 percent, Health and Quality Life with 48 percent and Climate Action with 33 percent. 48 percent of the companies that participated in the survey stated that volunteering in their companies has increased significantly compared to previous years.