Faster And More Efficient Port With Data Sharing

Faster And More Efficient Port With Data Sharing

Date: 09/03/2020

New technologies are being tested in many areas, especially in ports. Stakeholders including ports' terminals, vessels, terminal operators, truckers, railways and equipment providers are now working on data sharing to efficiently transport containers between terminals.


The aim here is to improve efficiency and speed by setting up a data point and connection portals on a single screen. Although each sector of the supply chain collects data for its own purposes, sharing information with other stakeholders via a single screen is considered to be the most effective way for increased port efficiency. For port operators operating tens of terminals and handling millions of TEUs, this method will become an absolute must in the coming years.


For road and railway transporters, who need real-time information about the condition of containers, the information on their terminals is crucial for time management as well. Sharing of these information also plays a role in better management of port traffic. Cloud-based platforms collect data from dozens of sources and send it to all stakeholders. There are a significant number of companies worldwide working on this subject. Mobile applications are also being developed to provide real-time information about the condition of containers, ship arrivals and terminal operating conditions.

Similarly, with its recently developed mobile application for trucks, Easy Route, DP World Yarımca provides trucks entering the port area with quick access to containers. The application, which informs users about the various procedures to be followed at the terminal and ensures increased safety for truck drivers, shows the shortest way to reach a container via GPS.