10 billion doses of vaccine to be transported at -21 degrees

10 billion doses of vaccine to be transported at -21 degrees

Date: 29/12/2020

The entire globe is holding its breath waiting for the arrival of the Covid-19 vaccine, which directly or indirectly affects 100 millions of people. All countries, especially the USA, Russia and China, are in a race against time for the vaccine. Medical supplies have become more important than ever due to the complexity of treatments. So who will transport these medical products from one place to another in the world's so globalized manufacturing infrastructure? On time and quickly ...

Largest transport organization in history

This is where logistics and port management come into play. Transport is a big task in the field of Health Logistics, which requires a special storage and transport system. The transportation of 10 billion doses of medicine between countries and within the country at leastways -21 degrees is perhaps one of the most critical and challenging processes in world history. Warehouses are also important for drugs and vaccines that require a cold transport up to 80 degrees below zero to stand ready. In fact, experts agree to produce 5 billion doses instead of 4 billion doses in case the cold chain may deteriorate.

Reefer containers at the service of the cold chain

DP World, which uses the world's latest technologies in cold supply logistics, continues to invest in this area. Perishable products are rapidly frozen and thawed across continents with liquid nitrogen, frozen carbon dioxide, and low-temperature chemical gels. DP World Yarımca carries out the transportation of freshly produced products that require expertise to be stored under certain temperature and humidity conditions with Reefer containers and an experienced team.