Special measure for dangerous cargo in the port

Special measure for dangerous cargo in the port

Date: 10/09/2020

The world was shocked by the huge explosion in the Lebanese port. After a fire broke out in a warehouse in the Port of Beirut, it spread to another warehouse containing 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate. Then the explosion occured and it turned the eyes to the security in the ports. Dangerous cargoes carried in ports are a risk for every port. As a necessity imposed by the government in this regard, vehicles that will carry dangerous goods must have the relevant certificate. All ports must also strictly follow these rules.


DP World Yarımca is one of Turkey's most sensitive and full compliance with the rules on hazardous cargo transport and requires ADR competency certificate for vehicles carrying containers of risky products. The control of the document starts at the entrance of the door and it ensures that the vehicles carrying dangerous goods are suitable for transportation in accordance with the highway laws. Vehicles remain in the "DR hold" section which defined for containers with dangerous cargo content before entering the gate yet.


In the event that undocumented carry load is detected at the entrance gate, the vehicle ) is directed to the problem desk and documentation office through the reject lane ( the lane where the unsuitable vehicles for the entry is turned away) to the necessary checks. The problem desk in the truck parking area and the documentation office are controlled by the Vehicle Reservation System / Problem Desk personnel. Personnel checks the vehicle's transport document, hazardous substance activity certificate, inspection information, SRC5, ADR conformity certificate and orange plate and warning plate.

After checking the documents and confirming their conformity, Vehicle Reservation System / Problem Desk personnel remove the "DR hold" on the container and allow access to the port. Vehicles with deficiencies, invalid certificates or equipment during document checks are not allowed to enter.