DP World Takes a Step for Seas to Breath

DP World Takes a Step for Seas to Breath

Date: 05/10/2021

Dp World is trying to do its best to provide continuous global trade in every sea over the world, in order to do so; DP World is trying to achieve sustainable sea and shore eco-systems as per UN Sustainable Development Objective, LIFE BELOW WATER theme within the scope of article 14. In Turkey, DP World Yarımca embraces this philosophy and completes different and efficient projects under the sea which play crucial role for the future of the world. DP World has just started a new project for the corals which plays a crucial role for underwater life in Marmara Sea.

Diving to 40 Meters

Population of corals were decreasing in the Marmara sea. Based upon this fact project was developed with the co-operation of Istanbul University and Marine Life Conservation Society. Within the scope of the project several diving took place Agean Sea (Ayvalık) .Heat meters were placed every five meter by diving under 40 meters to record the sea temperatures.

50 Colonies Were Marked

In order to understand the growth and development rate of the coral colonies, 50 colony was marked permanently. This marking methodology is used for a designated area over the sea bottom by gathering statistical data for corals like height, health, and similar values, these values were recorded. This marking method will remain in the area and keep gathering these important data. After taking these steps, the objective is to move corals around the Marmara sea and extending their population.

We are Taking a Big Giant Step

DP World Yarımca CEO Kris Adams stated that “We observe, harmful developments, eco-system transformations and human activities are affecting our seas extremely. The number of corals which are life shelters under the seas are decreasing day by day. As Turkey’s one of the biggest ports, we are taking a big giant step against the population decrease in corals. As DP World Yarımca we have joint our forces with Istanbul University and Marine Life Conservation Society and by doing so we will increase the number of corals under Marmara Sea. We must not forget that future of seas and sea-life are the future of the world as well.”

Comments from the Participators;

Damla Biçer Topbaş – HSSE Supervisor ; DP World Yarımca volunteers, projects academic process management and Deniz Yaşamını Koruma Derneği had exchanged information over the vessel regarding to subject. The objective of the project is moving the corals which are endangered species to Neandros – Tavşan island which is relatively more protected. The idea of planting corals which are growing to other areas in Marmara Sea really made me enthusiastic for leaving a permanent foot mark for future generations to come. I had the chance to dive together with a team to observe the development, control of the area and checking heat meters. This created a positive awareness. The nature we saw around is not the only nature that we need to leave to future generations there is also nature underwater as well. I am really proud of completing this kind of project that will allow these natural riches to be kept alive and exceed and I would like to participate in the further steps of this project as well with my all support and self – devotion

Neriman Güzeldal – ITV Operator ;

We had the chance to dove under an unique aquarium. This was the first time that I had worn diving suit and went undersea to these levels. The beauty I found there was beyond the words. I would like to contribute more to the project in the further steps. The responsibility I am taking thanks to DP World I am able to have new unique experiences.