The intersection point of all sectors

DP World Yarımca is at the nearest location to Türkiye's strategic industries and the largest Organized Industrial Zones (OSB) and offers the most cost-effective solution to companies. DP World, which provides door-to-door service with road and rail connections, has the largest OSBs in Türkiye in a circle 20-40 km in diameter from Yarımca. Türkiye sets an example in the automotive port operations

Türkiye sets an example in the automotive port operations.

One of the most strategic needs of the automotive sector, which is one of the most important sectors of Türkiye and is constantly ranked in the top two in exports, is the supply chain. DP World also produces special solutions for this area in its operations in 150 countries.

As DP World Yarımca, we stand out among DP World terminals especially with the services and capacity we provide in the automotive sector and continue to set an example for other ports in automotive logistics. Speed is one of the most important factors in the automotive industry. DP World Yarımca, which produces special solutions for customer needs in this regard, also provides significant advantages thanks to its proximity to companies and OSBs in Doğu Marmara, the automotive center of Türkiye.

The closest location to the chemical industry

The chemical industry, which develops rapidly with double digit growth every year, is a very sensitive area in terms of logistics. As DP World Yarımca, we provide serious advantages to the chemical industry due to our proximity to Dilovası. We can provide port services door-to-door in the import and export of raw materials and processed products. In addition, we are separating from other ports in Türkiye with infrastructure developed specifically for dangerous cargo in this area.

Cost advantage for heavy loads

DP World Yarımca offers the most cost-effective solutions for marble and other natural stones and heavy-weight products such as iron and steel. Both the location of our port and the railway connection reduce the high transportation costs and operational loads that companies have been exposed to for many years. Thanks to its location, DP World Yarımca saves time for companies operating in the region, especially in Eastern Marmara and Central Anatolia.

The closest port to OIZs

DP World Yarımca, which is located close to many major OIZs, provides the opportunity to pass directly from the port to the main train line with its railway connection. We are 27 kilometers from Alikahya OIZ, 25 kilometers from Arslanbey OIZ, 29 kilometers from Asım Kibar OIZ, 23 kilometers from Dilovası OIZ, 36 kilometers from Gebze Güzeller OIZ, 25 kilometers from Gebze Kömürcüler OIZ, Gebze Plastikçiler OSB, 36 kilometers from Gebze OSB, 26 kilometers from GEBKİM, 41 kilometers from Kandıra Gıda İhtisas OIZ, 43 kilometers from TOSB and 32 kilometers from İmes OIZ.