Container Weighing

Container Weighing


VGM's Weighing equipment certificates.

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DP World Tarragona complies with SOLAS (Safety Of Life At Sea) regulation, introduced by the International Maritime Organization in July 2016.

Our terminal & operational systems are fully operational to record and process the VGM information, which implies:

  • No delay to your supply chain
  • No change for hauliers
  • The same seamless operation for rail and barge
  • Highly accurate and compliant weight verification and administration
  • Minimal administrative burden for all Shipping Lines and Shippers

We have invested, and will continue to invest in state-of-the-art infrastructure that offers an efficient weighing solution for our trade partners.


Easy container weighing verification solution for shippers

DP World is investing in state of the art container weighing solutions to provide shippers with a seamless service when exporting goods through its Spanish container terminal.

  • No disruption to your supply chain
  • No delays for hauliers at the terminal while obtaining the container weight
  • The same seamless solution applies for containers arriving by rail and barge
  • Highly accurate weight verification that is compliant with the regulations from the International Maritime Organization.

Since July 2016, we have offered weighing verification as an exception flow without disruption or delay to operational flows. A weigh request can be sent to DP World Tarragona - shoponline - via a special service request.

The weighing service has been further integrated within our terminal operations. This has ensured our verified weighing solution operates in accordance with the IMO legislation and can be offered for every laden export container.


Why does my container have to be weighed?

  • Since July 2016, every laden export container is required to have its weight verified before it is loaded onto a ship.
  • All laden export containers must have a Verified Gross Mass (VGM) certificate before it is loaded onto a vessel. The shipper is responsible for providing the VGM of a container regardless of who actually packs it. The VGM is communicated amongst its shipping documents sufficiently in advance, in preparation of the vessels stowage plan.
  • To help our customers, DP World offers shippers an efficient service to weigh laden export containers at our Spanish terminal. This removes the need for shippers to arrange weight certification themselves.
  • By offering this service, customers of our terminals are assured that they have a good solution in place. The weighing solution was further integrated in regular terminal operations by Q4 2016.
  • This is an international regulation that has been introduced by the International Maritime Organisation as part of the SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) regulations.


How will it work?

  • There has been no change to our in-gate procedures.
  • When your container arrives at a DP World Tarragona, all hauliers should proceed to the terminal as normal. Your truck and container will be processed as per normal operational procedures at DP World Tarragona.

You can either:

  • Provide DP World with a Verified Gross Mass (VGM) certificate using this e-mail adress: [email protected]
  • Instruct DP World to weigh your container for you at our terminals; find out more

Provide DP World with a Verified Gross Mass (VGM) certificate

Parallel to booking a container with shipping line agent or freight forwarder, you need to contact a party that can provide you with a valid VGM certificate. The VGM information needs to be forwarded to the shipping line, who in turn will communicate the VGM to DP World Tarragon along with the load list.

VGM information can only be sent to DP World Tarragona via EDI communication, or can be provided directly at gate by Hauliers using a valid VGM form:

  • If an EDI flow is available, the VGM information will be sent by the shipping line to DP World Tarragona using regular EDI communication flows
  • If the shipping line doesn’t have an EDI flow with DP World Tarragona, they will register the VGM information via e-mail using follow adress: [email protected]

We can wait for VGM information to be provided up to maximum 12 hours before ETA of the vessel.

If the shipping line has not provided the VGM 12 hours before the arrival of the vessel, or VGM doesn't appear on COPRAR list, the container will not be loaded onto the vessel. A change of vessel fee will be applied as defined in our general terms and conditions.

Instruct DP World to weigh your container for you at our terminals

You can request DP World Tarragona to weigh your container and provide you with a valid VGM certificate.

In order to guarantee the shipment of your container:

VGM Request

your request must arrive at least 24 hours before the ETA of the vessel (VGM Request) in our shoponline webpage and the container must arrive at least 12 hours before the ETA of the vessel. When arriving later, we cannot guarantee that the container can be weighed in time.

The VGM certificate will be sent to you via mail. You must forward this VGM certificate to your shipping line.

We strongly suggest to sign our general terms and conditions that you can find in our shoponline. This will authorize DPW Tarragona to sign the VGM certificate on behalf of the requestor and reduce the risk for delay in the administrative flow and subsequent loading process. The VGM information will be communicated to the requestor.

How will we weigh your container?

As from 1 July 2016, we will determine the VGM by using weigh bridges located on our yard. The containers for which we have received a weigh request will be weighed at one of the weigh bridge and prepared for loading as per normal operational procedure.


How much will the fee amount to?

DP World has made substantial investments to facilitate the weighing of containers without impacting on the efficiency of our operational processes. We will also continue to invest in the maintenance of our equipment to ensure that our weighing solutions are fully compliant with international and local regulations.

For our service applying to all laden export containers loaded on a vessel on or after 1 July 2016, the following fee is applicable:

  1. VGM Management: € 3 per laden export container. (All export laden containers) Includes the reception and processing of VGM.
  2. Late VGM: surcharge of 15 € / Container (For those containers in which the shipper's VGM is sent to the terminal after the entry of the container at the Terminal and 24h before the ETA of the vessel).
  3. Late Runner VGM: 38 € / Container (For those containers in which the shipper's VGM is not sent to the terminal prior to 24h of the ETA of the vessel and has not been placed a weighing order to the Terminal). The amount includes weighing the container (18 + 20). In this case the terminal will issue the VGM automatically, without the request of the shipper, freight forwarder or agent and the container will remain on the loading list.
  4. VGM discrepancy: 38 € / Container (In the case where there is a discrepancy >500 kg or 5% between the shipper's VGM and the Terminal VGM (TVGM), the weight verified by the Terminal prevails). Includes the cost of weighing (18 + 20).
  5. For transshipment containers that require weighing and VGM certificate, the weighing rate will apply as per on-line shop and in addition to that, the Terminal will invoice two horizontal moves at agreed existing rates.

How will you charge me?

The weigh service requested by the Shipper directly to DP World Tarragona, will be invoiced to the Shipper directly.

The weigh service requested by the Shipping Line to DP World Tarragona, will be invoiced to the Shipping Line.

All other fees will be charged to the Shipping Line.

What Next

What do I have to do next?

Cargo Owner / shipper:

Please determine how you will obtain a VGM certificate and contact your nominated shipping agent or freight forwarder to ask how you can exchange VGM information.

If you require DPW Tarragona to provide you with a VGM certificate, you need to register at our shoponline webpage, and transmit to us the weigh request ahead of time.

Shipping agent / freight forwarder:

Please ensure you have a valid access to our shoponline webpage, and are familiar with the new process for transmitting VGM information.


No additional actions are required.

Questions and Help

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