Visitor Info

Visitor Info

Our terminal is located in the port of Tarragona city, the capital of an extensive geographical area that compounds past, present and future to offer visitors variety and range in the activities of their visit.

From the magnificent sandy beaches to splendid greens of nearby golf courses, Tarragona offers a scenic landscape. From spectacular Roman heritage to sophisticated restaurant dining, there's interest for all.

From the lively amusements of a theme park to a relaxing stay in a spa, Tarragona opens its doors to executives on business trips to ensure a memorable experience.


When you visit DP World Tarragona, we recommend that you do the following:

  • Notify the staff that you have arranged to meet in DP World Tarragona of the day and time of your arrival.
  • When you arrive, ensure that you have brought an official form of identification such as a National Identity Card, passport or driver's licence.
  • Visitors who access the operations areas of our terminal must be accredited and need to use the required safety clothing (reflective safety jacket, helmet...).
  • Visitors must comply with regulations and the safety instructions issued by DP World Tarragona employees at all times.
  • We remind you that taking photographs or video footage is forbidden in all areas of the premises, without the expressed authorization of the Port Authority.