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DP World Karachi’s management is always committed to provide a safe workplace for its employees and ensures that its business activities are conducted in a manner that minimizes all kinds of adverse environmental impacts. Regular Drills are conducted within the terminal on safety or security incidences / probable occurrences. DP World Karachi has made a quantum leap in Safety & Environment (S&E) in year 2014. Focus on the Safety Engagement Programs is providing to be the backbone of the Safety improvements in the workplace and the mindset of the personnel in the workplace. Safety induction followed by a written exam for any external party wishing to access the terminal.

The significant awareness on the subject of Environment shows leadership excellence from senior management who are aware of the need to be proactive rather than reactive to this sensitive subject. DP World Karachi’s emissions and its sewerage treatment plant comply with Pakistan and International standards.

We have also gone that extra mile by initiating out of the initiatives to have more active participation and engagement by our employees in terms of safety initiatives which are highlighted below:-

  • We are all well aware of the safety culture on the roads which does not need much elaboration. Faced with this challenge we geared ourselves and attacked it head on. Regular training sessions are carried out at their premises, road side hotels and at all our facilities. In these training sessions we emphasize on DPW safety rules, fatigue factors, road signs and defensive driving techniques. The female employees have also played an immense role in helping us achieve our targets. We have also provided the drivers with an air conditioned rest area close to the parking lot which has greatly reduced pedestrian movement in restricted areas.
  • Man machine interface was at the highest in the examination area. To safe guard our own employees / contractors / agencies DP World Karachi invested 17 million Rs to shift the examination area to one corner of the Terminal as indicated by the black box. This investment also enhanced the Terminal Security.
  • On RTGs, a system has been developed which permits the operator to land the empty spreader or container in the stack with optimum speed. This system prevents hard banging of container/spreader – prevents spreader or container damages. It also prevents wire rope from getting excessively slacked or entangled – thus prevents wire rope damages too.
  • QICT celebrated the World Water Day 2015 with a Theme “Use Water Wisely”. Employees to participate through social media by clicking snaps showing DP World Theme “Use Water Wisely”. Pictures were posted on DP World Karachi Facebook page.
  • The heavy mobile equipment in use in the Terminal posed a great risk to traffic and human especially during the hours of darkness. To reduce the risk it was decided that all such equipment shall be fitted with LED glow strips which greatly enhances the visibility of these equipment’s.
  • After a fatal accident where a person was run over by the Rubber Tyre Gantry (RTG). As a follow up of this accident a hard control was designed by all Terminals under P&O. The QICT design was adjusted the best and all Terminals were given instruction to design similar safe guard. In addition to the above people pusher which does not allow any part of the human body to come under the tyres a sensor was also installed which completely stops the RTG movement when activated.
  • To protect the environment, DP World Karachi has planted several trees, we use recycled waste water for cleaning equipment and ITVs, and to reduce CO2 emissions, use LED lights within buildings and office to reduce electricity costs and carbon footprint.
  • DP World prides itself in constant training and skill enhancement of its employees. Trainings, seminars and conferences are part of our annual calender. Training is imparted by local and international trainers in Safety & Security at regular intervals. Annual refreshers of all employees and contractors in mandatory. Heavy equipment operators are assessed every year and licenses issued.
  • Looking forward to 2015 will see many new projects to take us to a level that shows the results and commitment in all of us in safety & environment. Quoting our Group CEO Mr. Mohammad Sharaf "Safety is part of our DNA". This strong message indicates our future commitments.

Moving forward DPW Karachi has targets on Behavioural Safety, Automated Gates, Safety Game for induction (being developed by GSE), Training and Web Based I Learn Programs. We intend to slowly enhance the behavioural safety culture of all stake holders. Automated gates will drastically enhance the safety of our employees and external truck drivers, it will additionally also improve the Gate productivity.