Welcome to our terminal!

Your safety is our concern

Safety is an integral part of DP World’s core values. Our goal is to ensure safe operations. We are committed to provide a safe work environment for all port users including employees, contractors, drivers, customers and visitors. Please read the following guidelines concerning your safety on our terminal during your visit.

Terminal rules

You are responsible for your own safety and the safety of all the others around you!

The terminal is an operational zone. Access is prohibited for unauthorized members.

Please follow the safety instructions and rules of conduct in our visitor's guide.

Always bring a valid identity card. Minors and pets are not allowed on the terminal.


For visitors

All visitors need to register before entry via the intercom at the security lodge. The security officer is informed about your visit by your contact in the company. If you are not registered in advance or if your contact does not confirm the visit, you are denied access to the terminal. Make sure that you always bring a valid i.d.

Within the context of the privacy regulation, we have a policy concerning the processing of personal data.

For truckers

If you have an active alfapass, you can drive to the OCR IN-gate at the GATE IN.

If you do not have an alfapass, or if your alfapass was not yet activated at the terminal, please report to the security lodge at the MAIN GATE. You will receive instructions about the access to the terminal, depending on your status.

Passengers are not allowed, unless they are in training. Please fill in the registration form for truckers in training in advance.

Within the context of the privacy regulation, we have a policy concerning the processing of personal data.

Any questions?

If you have any questions, please contact your contact at DP World Antwerp or call security service: +32 3 730 49 49.