Our equipment allows for a reduction in operational costs and enhances the quality and efficiency of work being done at the port. The new design comes with a host of new safety and eco-efficiency features to the benefit of our staff and the environment.

  • 01 Mobile Harbor Crane as latest technology and safety features, aiming to improve and enhance our performances and efficiency from safety and operations perspectives, as well as positioning DjenDjen as new destination in the eastern region of Algeria providing competitive product and reinforce abilities to compete.
  •  06 new ITV’s
  • 04 reach stakerof 45 tonnes
  • 02 Empty Containers Handlers
  • 01 chariot élévateur 3 tonnes
  • 01 mobile Scanner
  • A weighing bridge
  • OOG spreader 40 pieds,
  • 02 Spreader 40 pieds,
  • 02 spreader 20 pieds
  • 36 plugs for reefer containers