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Inclusion & Diversity

At DP World, we want to have an inclusive culture, which recognises and values the diversity of our people. This is embedded in our principles to make others excel and create an environment where others succeed.

In our Ports, Terminals, logistics parks, economics zone around the world; the impact of Inclusion & Diversity, our principles, values and sustainability is evident as it helping us transforming from a “manpower” business to a “brainpower” business which lead us to build an inclusive culture which recognize and values Diversity in order to create a better future for everyone.

We are committed to set out the inclusion culture in each of DP World DjenDjen’s employees in order to work in the same safe environment regardless of our culture, gender, political opinions differences, races or disability.

Training and Development

We believe it is key to invest in our people to develop performance and competences. At DP World DjenDjen we offer training opportunities both through internal programmes and externally through Algerian institutes.

The DP World Academy

The DP World Academy is a training institute created by DP World to offer higher education and technical training programs within the areas of logistics, ports, maritime, and manufacturing. Through this training centre, our objective is to contribute to the sustainable, economic, and social development of the various players in the supply chain.

Considering the importance of having an education program based on competencies of the industry and generating more qualified human resources, the vision of DP World Academy is to become the most advanced logistics training centre in the region, whose purpose is to improve and train local and international professionals in the competencies that the industry demands.

Trainings Portfolio

DP World Academy offers a portfolio of high-quality trainings based on our experiences on the global level, and which has been prepared based on the model of competencies required by the Dominican logistics sector, and includes introductory courses, technical and advanced training programs, certificates and executive programs in logistics, ports, maritime, and manufacturing.

Academic Offering

  • Introduction to Terminal Operations (ITO)
  • Fundamentals of Terminal Operations (FTO)
  • Supply Chain Management Principles
  • Inventory Management
  • Customer Service Operations
  • Transportation Operations
  • Lean Leadership for Supply Chain
  • Introduction to Security Standards for a Logistic Ecosystem
  • Logistic Wearhouse Equipment Operator: Safety Standards
  • Certificate to Terminals Operations (CTO)
  • Commercial Executive Program (CEP)
  • Ship to Shore and RTG Crane Operator
  • Integrated logistics and Supply Chain Executive Program
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