Located in the east of Algeria, the port of DjenDjen with its geographical position, plays a strategic role in African trade. It is less than 50 miles from the sea route linking the Suez Canal to Gibraltar Strait and is considered the most important port structure in the Mediterranean in terms of space and deep water, increasing port capacities of the Centre and East region.

The management of the container terminal of the port of DjenDjen was entrusted in 2009 to the Emirati company Dubai Port World for a period of 30 years.

The port is:

  • 10 Km from the capital city of Jijel;
  • 350 Km east of Algiers;
  • 40 Km of BELLARA industrial zone;
  • 900 Km of Hassi Messaoud

DP World DjenDjen container terminal shares a vast hinterland with neighbouring ports namely the ports of Bejaia and Skikda. Its area of influence covering a large region of the East and South-East which includes the Highlands with its industrial potential and the oil platforms of the South. It is in this perspective that the construction of the penetrating road (RN 77) commonly called the port highway will promote the extension of the port's hinterland to very remote regions.