Port Safety

Compliance with safety and security rules is mandatory for anyone in the terminal; DP World Luanda reserves the right to refuse access to any person who does not comply with its safety rules. For vehicles allowed entering the terminal, drivers must comply with traffic plan. The terminal is under CCTV monitoring 24/7.

Access to terminal

Anyone not having access badge must go through the reception and request authorization. Non-authorised vehicles are prohibited in the terminal.

The following Personal Protective Equipment is mandatory:


Reflective vest


Hard hat


Safety boots (required in operational areas)


Access badge


  • If safe to do so, rescue anybody in immediate danger.
  • Secure the scene of the incident; do not interfere with the incident scene.
  • Follow the instructions of emergency response team
  • Await further instructions from the Duty Supervisor or Incident Commander.

Emergency contacts


HSE Manager 928 922 014
PFSO 923 343 192
Safety Supervisor930 218 008
Medical Center923 695 415
Fire Brigade923 972 995
Police914 041 030

In case of evacuation go to the nearest assembly point. Two shots siren 10 seconds to indicate the evacuation of the terminal.

Incident Reporting

In case of incident, please notify HSE Team on "930 218 008" or "924 497 139" and provide as much information as possible about the incident:

  • Location
  • Description of the incident (e.g. leak, spill, vehicle accident, fire etc.)
  • Details of Injured Persons.


Accident = An incident where injury, ill-health or environmental harm occurs.

Fatality = Death of a worker in the current reporting period.

Near miss = an incident where no injury ill health or environmental harm occurred but has the potential to do so.

LTI (lost time injury) = An Injury directly related to a workplace incident resulting in injury or illness where through medical direction or personal circumstances the person is unable to return and complete their next scheduled work shift.

MTI (Medical Treatment Injury) = An Injury from a workplace incident resulting in injury or illness where the person can only receive prescribed medical attention by an authorized medical practitioner. Following treatment this person can either return to normal or restricted duties without the loss of a full shift.

First aid = An injury directly related to a workplace incident that requires attention immediately after the injury occurs. It often consists of a one-time, short-term treatment that requires little technology or training to administer and where the person can return immediately back to unrestricted work.



Pedestrians, bicycles, and bikes are not authorized in the terminal.


Never walk under a suspended load.


Do not take pictures in the terminal, unless authorized to do so.


Speed limit is 30 km/h for drivers trained to drive in the terminal.


Put your lights on in the terminal and use your emergency rotating light if your vehicle has one.


The use of safety belt is mandatory.


The use of mobile phone is forbidden when driving in the terminal.


It is forbidden to smoke inside building and at the operational zones. Smoking is authorized only in designated areas.