Training programs accelerate the development of DP World Luanda Members

Training programs accelerate the development of DP World Luanda Members

In recent months, DP WORLD LUANDA has promoted training aimed at the operational area, given by DP World HUB and English language training for operational and administrative areas.

The first was the Work & Height training, where around 260 employees from the HSE, Operations and Technical areas participated.

Then others 200 workers were then given training on Vessel Safety, MHC Safety Awareness Induction, Reefer Monitoring and the ZODIAC, which was directed to the Operations area with the objective of comprehensive central learning, planning and configuration of Yard and Vessels.

Recently, DP World Luanda started the English Language Training, an acceleration program for professionals in the English language. The first group started with 24 employees from operational and administrative areas who will support the activities. English is the international language, the language of studies, travel, business, the language of communication with everyone and used in our organization.

For Kikavuanga Mateus, who works in the Information Technology area, “The course is going well, the teacher is very didactic and patient, in just two classes I was able to learn a few phrases, the interaction with colleagues is also very good”.

As for Ana Pedro from the Human Resources area, “The teacher has been using a very clear and easy-to-understand language. Thank the company for the opportunity and for training its employees”.

Soon, another training will start, this time with a focus on operators. The Advanced Trainer and Assessor Program (ATAP), is a training program for instructors, which identifies operators with the potential to provide training and make them able to exercise the function in future opportunities.

These trainings are part of the training and development strategy of employees to improve activities in their areas, there are already more than 480 employees trained, comments Francisco Pinzon, CEO of DP World Luanda.