New Sustainability Initiatives at DP World Luanda Making an Impact

New Sustainability Initiatives at DP World Luanda Making an Impact

Date: 04/10/2021

• Water consumption reduced by 180 000 litres monthly

• Old tyres recycled and repurposed as guard rails, amongst other uses

Luanda, Angola – 04 October 2021 – DP World Luanda, which has the concession to operate and manage the Multipurpose Terminal (MPT) at the Port of Luanda, has introduced several new sustainability initiatives to reduce the environmental impact of its operations.

Since starting operations at the MPT on 1 March 2021, DP World Luanda, in addition to tripling operational productivity through the deployment of new equipment and systems, as well as organisation-wide staff training and development, also implemented several environmentally-friendly initiatives. This included water saving and waste recycling, and supporting efforts to keep beaches clean.

Eric James Rayo, Technical Manager at DP World Luanda, said: "We understood that investing in equipment that used less water would be a priority. We also found new sources of reusable water, such as storm-drain run-off, which could be used for jobs that didn't require drinkable water – like yard cleaning. Less than six months later, the monthly water usage has already dropped by around 180 000 litres, and we plan to reduce this figure further."

Another challenge was waste reduction. Dercio da Conceição Simão, Health, Safety and Environment Manager explained: "We also changed the approach to waste management, by working with a local service provider who could help us analyse, segregate and find new ways to recycle, to reduce and discard waste more sustainably.”

DP World Luanda also embarked on a tyre recycling initiative to further support waste reduction that transformed the large quantities of old tyres at the terminal – cluttering and reducing container storage capacity – into a new, functional addition to the port. Through the internal Safety and Security and Engineering Departments, 400 tyres were placed to protect containers, use them as markers, guide transport vehicles, and open these vital traffic areas. This also led to savings in disposal costs and created a unique, aesthetically pleasing new marking system.

Francisco Pinzón, CEO of DP World Luanda, added: “In addition to our investments in new equipment, technology and staff development to transform the terminal into an efficient and world class terminal, a key focus is also to ensure we manage the terminal in a responsible and sustainable way. This includes finding creative, cost effective and easily implementable actions, to reduce the environmental impact of our operations, while also supporting our local communities.

As part of several environmental awareness days across September, DP World Luanda recently teamed up with EcoAngola and Angola's National Oil, Gas, and Biofuel's Agency (ANPG), for a massive beach clean-up. Teams from these organizations worked with DP World Luanda’s staff and their families to clean up the Praia de Areia beach in Luanda.

DP World Luanda also recently kicked off the first edition of its Grow Program, which aims to provide local university graduates with skills and experience within the port management and logistics sector. The first group of nine graduates recently joined the business and will spend 18 months in various areas of DP World Luanda.