Improvement Actions at DP World Luanda

Improvement Actions at DP World Luanda

The DP World Luanda with the Lean methodology has improved the operational practices and working conditions in general of its employees. The use of 5S is an example of this, besides the workers receiving initiation on the concept they could see in practice the improvements implemented by the terminal in the last 10 months as:

The Maintenance workshop, which has 1,166 square metres, was restructured, with safety signs, a pedestrian circulation area and floor repairs using Epoxy, a non-slip waterproofing product that provides greater resistance, a better appearance and makes the process of cleaning the floor easier.

The recreation room, located in the operations area, was painted in DP World's standard colors. It has been equipped with chairs and sofas to accommodate approximately 3-4 dozen workers, has a microwave and a refrigerator, so that workers can heat and preserve their meals respectively. It is air-conditioned and equipped with two 52-inch screens so that the workers can enjoy satellite TV.

The outdoor part of the leisure area is equipped with a pool table and a table football table to provide workers with moments of relaxation and leisure during their rest period.

The open-air cafeteria, where the employees have their meals, was renovated by changing the floor, acquiring new tables and chairs and a consistent cover that gives a comforting shade to the place that has a direct view to the pier where the blue sea can be glimpsed.

The WC installations were duly restored. A new floor was laid, and new sanitary ware was acquired and installed. In this way, better sanitary conditions were provided to our workers.

These actions are fundamental processes, are incorporated into the terminal's management routines and already have a positive impact on quality of life and safety, as potential dangers are identified and treated.