Zero Tolerance, Zero Risk!

Zero Tolerance, Zero Risk!

Date: 27/11/2019

In an effort to eliminate work accidents and ensure safety of life, DP World Yarımca has launched a “Zero Risk” campaign which requires all third parties, including truck drivers visiting the terminal to complete the Safety Training.  

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As part of the Zero Risk Program, all truck drivers, who visit the port, will be given an ID card and recorded.

Until now it was not possible to check whether truck drivers received Safety Training or not and lack of training could sometimes lead to breach of safety and traffic rules. The ID cards, which will be provided to drivers, will help identify those, who did not participate the training, and require them complete it. Drivers, who continue to violate the rules after training, will be reported to their employers.

A reward and punishment system will also be implemented based on a driver score system. For example, a driver, who breaches the speed limits or overtakes another vehicle within the terminal, will be given a verbal warning. In case of a second violation of the same rule, the driver will be given a written warning and suspended from entering the terminal for a certain period. Those, who voiolate the rule a third time, will lose their terminal access permanently. 

Violations by truck drivers

  • Getting out of the truck cabin and walking around in the container yard, walking between container stacks 
  • Getting out of the truck cabing without wearing personal protective equipment
  • Locking or unlocking twistlocks outside tistlock stations
  • Walking in no-walk areas
  • Overtaking other vehicles
  • Using your cell phone while driving
  • Sounding the horn

The program is aimed at refreshing truck drivers’s knowledge about and ensuring that they follow terminal rules via online trainings in order to improve safety culture and increase safety standards at our port. All drivers are expected to support us in this effort to prevent possible accidents.

As part of the “Zero Tolerance” campaign, visitors can access the safety trainings and exam either via the kiosks placed at various locations within the terminal or by visiting 

Underlining the importance of the campaign, DP World Yarimca CEO, Kris Adams said, “Container terminals are dangerous-class workplaces. With this project, we are looking to remind our visitors about the terminal rules to ensure that they follow them and stay safe.”