Newly Renovated Novi Sad Passenger Terminal Re-Opens Its Doors to The Public

Newly Renovated Novi Sad Passenger Terminal Re-Opens Its Doors to The Public

Date: 31/05/2021

Novi Sad, 24 May 2021: DP World Novi Sad re-opened its new-look passenger terminal yesterday (23rd), following a 500,000 Euro refurbishment.

The renovated port, which sits proudly on the Danube, was opened by the Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, Tomislav Momirović, the Mayor of Novi Sad, Miloš Vučević and the CEO of DP World Novi Sad, Claudiu Negreanu. The delegation were also the first guests to arrive at the passenger terminal on the "Albatross" tug ship, which is a recent addition to the DP World Novi Sad fleet.

The passenger terminal is equipped with all the modern facilities and equipment required to accommodate all types of vessels. It will be managed by DP World Novi Sad, which became the owner of the port in May 2019.

Claudio Negreanu said that one of the main missions of DP World is to connect people, cities, countries, and continents.

He said: “Today, we are fulfilling our mission in Novi Sad, because this reconstructed passenger terminal opens the doors of our city to all who travel along the Danube to visit it. But our investments will not stop here, we continue to investment in the port of Novi Sad where we are creating one of the most important business and trade hubs on the Danube. “We are committed to Serbia and of course that commitment extends to its wonderful citizens.

We believe strong business practices go hand in hand with caring for the local communities we operate in. I look forward to seeing Novi Sad flourish in the years ahead and this passenger terminal playing its part by welcoming many visitors into the city.”

Mayor of Novi Sad, mister Miloš Vučević, said that city administration is preparing to reopen the city after Covid 19 crise and that new ships, river cruisers and tourists would come to visit our city by using reconstructed passenger terminal.

- It is a great thing for Novi Sad that one of the world's largest port operators, DP World, has decided to invest in our city. Not only 500,000 euros in this passenger terminal, but new investments awaiting the Port of Novi Sad of 35 million euros, which will help us to invest more in the city, said Vučević, who emphasized that DP Word Novi Sad is a socially responsible company participating in a large number of activities carried out by city of Novi Sad.

Tomislav Momirović said that he was proud to see a large global company such as DP World investing in Serbia and that excellent results were being achieved through the collaboration. 

He said: "Our friends from DP World manage dozens of ports across the world and I am confident their expertise and support will see Novi Sad become one of the most modern and influential ports on the Danube. 

“The entire river navigation sector has been struggling for decades, but now we are returning in full capacity to the European network of river road and freight corridors. The investments of port concessionaires, such as this fabulous passenger terminal, will total more than half a billion Euros and will therefore have a hugely significant positive impact on our country.”