Passenger Terminal Sevices

Passenger Terminal Sevices

In the north of Serbia, in the heart of Vojvodina, lies Novi Sad, a city you will never want to leave. Once you visit it, Novi Sad will remain in your memory and heart forever.

Some rightly call it the city of love and happiness, a city where there are no national or cultural differences. A city which gathers and connects people who are prepared to live and enjoy its beauty.

Novi Sad presents an ideal combination of traditional and modern architecture. It is adorned with many beautiful buildings which give the city soul.

For sightseeing there are such sites as: Petrovaradin Fortress, the Town Hall, the Catholic Cathedral, Hotel Vojvodina, St George Orthodox Cathedral, St Nikolajevska Orthodox Church, the Synagogue, the Church of the Assumption, the Zmaj Monument, the Serbian National Theatre, Matica Srpska and the many other historic and cultural venues in Novi Sad.

We are here for receipt, servicing and supply of passenger ships.

DP World Novi Sad re-opened its new-look passenger terminal in May 2021, following a 500,000 Euro refurbishment. The passenger terminal is equipped with all the modern facilities and equipment required to accommodate all types of vessels. It will be managed by DP World Novi Sad, which became the owner of the port in May 2019.