DP World Novi Sad - one of the most productive ports on the Danube

DP World Novi Sad - one of the most productive ports on the Danube

Date: 01/10/2020

With five deep-sea berths, 800m of linear quay-side and XX quay cranes, we can provide mooring for 5 vessels simultaneously. The quay area is supported by warehouses of 39,220m2 of closed and 100,000m2 of open storage space.

In 2019, P&O Ports FZE from the United Arab Emirates, managed by DP World, became the owner of the Port of Novi Sad as a result of the privatization process of the Port of Luka Novi Sad initiated by Government of Republic of Serbia. P&O Ports FZE is specialized company on managing small, multi-purpose ports, including container terminals, as well as bulk and general cargo handling.

Our investment to upgrade infrastructure this year, includes a new, modern packing machine for bagging goods in jumbo bags, expected to come online in July. Capacity of the packing machine is 80 tonnes per hour, which will ensure the terminal is one of the most productive river ports on the Danube. We provide our customers with complete logistics solution covering import from handling cargo, packaging and storage of bulk and bagged goods. To further re-in force our commitment to improving the port, next year were are expecting to add a silo with a total capacity of 40,000 tons as well as develop a modern, intermodal container terminal.

Over the next three years, investments and modernizations planned include:

  • Increasing port handling capacities
  • Construction and modernization of storage systems
  • Development of Additional logistics services and support
  • Port area infrastructure
  • Reconstruction of existing storage spaces
  • Adaptation of the passenger terminal

We have the capabilities and solutions to become your supply chain partner of choice, adapting innovative solutions for your requirements, all with the aim of obtaining an optimal management, cost reduction with a low carbon footprint.