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We have more than 48 years of experience working with shipping lines, representing them before the local authorities and handling all their needs. We serve all types of ships and boats: container ships, bulk carriers, tankers, roros, passengers, scientists, fishing boats among others. We provide a personalized service and permanent monitoring during operations, including the supply of fuel, crew changes, provisioning and various services that the ship and the shipowners may require.

We focus on the continuous improvement of our operating processes and information systems as a basic tool to provide our clients an efficient and reliable service. This guarantees a correct flow of information during the development of all our operations. The adequate maintenance and renewal of our systems as well as the innovation of our operational processes, allows us to offer to the crew, shipping lines, shipowners and all our clients reliable information on the operations of the ships in real time.


We carry out stevedoring of any kind of cargo, using special machinery and equipment that allow us to ensure an efficient and safe operation.

Our staff is well experienced and is constantly trained in order to ensure that operations are carried out following the highest quality and safety standards without causing damages to cargo.

Our extensive experience allows us to ensure optimal results in the handling of all types of cargo: Containers, general cargo, machinery, bulk cargo, project cargo, oversized cargo, liquid cargo, fish meal, container concentrate, among others.


We have tugboats that allow us to support in an efficient and safety way all docking and undocking maneuvers.

Our tugs have class certificates issued by international classifiers and comply with all the requirements approved by the National Maritime Authority as well as current specifications for unlimited navigation.

Main services:

  • Towing in port and bay
  • Mooring and unmooring
  • Salvage and assistance of ships
  • Emergency response and support in fire and spill operations
  • Provisioning of food, water and other materials
  • Ocean trailers


Our pilotage service meets high quality standards, guaranteeing safe docking and undocking maneuvers of ships at many port terminals along Peruvian coast.

Our staff of pilots is experienced, duly trained to carry out safe docking and undocking maneuvers of ships considering the characteristics and conditions of the different terminals and the characteristics of the ship to be maneuvered.

Bay boat service

We manage and operate more than 20 bay boats along the coastline providing support to port operations and maritime terminals. Our operations comply with strict quality standards and safety and protection to the environment.

We offer our services to oil companies, refineries, port terminals, fishing companies, among others; with vessels that are properly conditioned and equipped to provide a safe service, according to their operational needs.

Main services:

  • Transportation of materials and light cargo
  • Transportation of staff and pilots
  • Mooring and unmooring at buoy terminals
  • Surveillance operations for ISPS codes
  • Prevention, containment and recovery of oil spills
  • Emergency response and support in firefighting operations
  • Towing in bay

Operation of Marine Terminals

We have specialized team as well as equipped vessels to handle operations required by ships at marine terminals and buoy terminals like boats, mooring and unmooring, connection and disconnection of hoses, prevention and containment of oil spills.

Mooring and unmooring of ships: Our boats have high maneuverability and have adequate power to ensure an adequate mooring of ships on buoys. Likewise, our linemen are trained and equipped in order to ensure an efficient and safe operation.

Connection and disconnection of hoses: We have professional maneuvers and divers who are in charge of lifting, connecting, disconnecting and anchoring the underwater hoses for the loading and unloading of liquid hydrocarbons. During the loading and unloading of tankers, we supervise each step of the maneuvers of the subsea hose trains and their respective accessories.

Spill Prevention and Containment: We have specialized and trained staff to operate equipment for containment and recovery of hydrocarbon. Our vessels provide operational support by storing the equipment and deploying containment barriers.

Submarine Operations

We carry out highly specialized diving in port facilities, in marine terminals and oil platforms. Our team of divers, maneuvers and staff is duly qualified and uses specialized equipment and boats that ensure efficient and safe services.


  • Maintenance of maritime infrastructure: We carry out underwater maintenance and repair to underwater pipelines, underwater hoses, multi-buoy moorings, anchors, hulls, docks and platforms, among others.
  • Submarine Inspections: We provide underwater inspection and evaluation services in port facilities and platforms: Piles, docks, offshore drilling platforms, ship hulls, docks, among others.
  • Launching of pipes in the sea from signaling, positioning and shooting to the anchoring of the pipeline on the seabed.
  • Other services:
    • Hydrographic Studies.
    • Salvage, search, and rescue.
    • Positioning of elements for mooring and anchoring systems.
    • Non-destructive testing (NDT).
    • Released from stranding.
    • Photography and underwater filming, among others.

Integral Logistics Operations - OIL & GAS

We offer third party logistics in remote locations with staff a highly specialized staff in cargo handling (by air, river, maritime, land), transportation, warehousing, and fuel.

We have machinery and equipment for each operational need as well as technology that allow us to measure the performance of operations through KPIs.