Railway Detours

The railway infrastructure at DP World Lirquén is the most far-reaching, with greatest capacity, and most efficient in the Bío Bío Region. We are constantly working with State railway companies and TRANSAP and FEPASA cargo operators to improve the service to/from the Port’s facilities even more.

Berthing Facilities

Pier 1: Four docking sites with maximum draft of 12.8 meters

It is primarily used for Break Bulk ships, and it is also equipped with a conveyor belt system that enables the mechanized unloading of bulks.

Pier 2: Two docking sites with maximum draft of 15.7 meters

It permits the simultaneous operation of mobile cranes at both sites of the pier, which is why it is preferably designated for the operation of container ships.

Pier Berth LOA (m) Draft (m)Draft (ft)
Break Bulk 1 220 12.8041'12»
Break Bulk2 220 11.3837'4"
Break Bulk3 200 9.6031'6"
Break Bulk41607.4024'3"

Warehouses and Yard

DP World Lirquén features a surface area of 480,000 m2 designated for stockpiling yards, stacking, warehouses, sheds, workshops, administration buildings, and common areas, among others.

In addition, it has a 25-hectare area next to the terminal for the expansion of port activity.


DP World Lirquén boasts extensive roadway and railway access that connects it with different production centers located between the VII and X regions of Chile.