Our Workers

DP World Lirquén stimulates development policies in a safe environment, which enable the participation and involvement of its workers while promoting internal promotion, training, and people’s health, thus resulting in a smooth relationship based on dialogue and mutual trust.

DP World Lirquén makes it a priority to hire residents from the region, and is currently the largest employer in the municipality where Penco is located.

DP World Lirquén’s objective over time is to maintain the creation of jobs despite the variability of its activity.

Building for port workers

To improve the working conditions of the port workers, in December 2010, the building was inaugurated giving workers a place where to change clothes and take shelter from the rain when work is temporarily suspended.

The building has two floors and measures 1,200 m2. Among other areas, it features a multi-use main lounge, a large training room, a clinic with ambulance access, high-tech dressing rooms (timed and with sensors), an innovative heating system (pellet boiler), cloak rooms, solar collectors, TV, ATM machine, and kiosks with a touch screen for self-service.