We inform our suppliers that we have detected fraud attempts with false Purchase Orders, supposedly in the name of DP World or one of its subsidiaries. If you have any questions about sending or requesting documents through unusual channels, contact us through [email protected]


1. Sending Purchase Order:The Supply Department will send the service Purchase Order to the supplier through the email [email protected]; or failing that, a box that ends in “”

*It should be noted that this email and domain ( are the only ones valid for Purchase Orders. DP World.We ask you to always verify that the issuer/sender of the DP World purchase order email is [email protected]; or failing that, from a box that ends in “”

2. Execution of service or delivery of the product: the supplier will execute the service or deliver the product according to the conditions agreed in the previously issued purchase order.

3. Reception of the service or product by DP World:The respective person responsible for receiving the service or product from DP World will inform the supplier of the HES number once received.

4 . Billing:The supplier must perform the corresponding billing, referring to the Purchase Order, field 801, and receipt number, field 802, of the electronic document.

5. Review and Payment:The documentation will be reviewed giving acknowledgments of approval or rejection in the electronic document reception portal. If everything is in order, payment will be made to the supplier according to the conditions and in accordance with the payment schedule.

To deliver the electronic tax document (DTE), the supplier must send the DTE in XML format to the box [email protected], otherwise your invoices will not be received, which will mean not entering the payment process.

If you have any questions or queries, you can contact us through from [email protected]

We share the following important documents, regarding the details for registering as a supplier and our official code of conduct for suppliers:

Registration Manual for External Suppliers

Code of Conduct for Suppliers – DP World

Vendor Code of Conduct – DP World