Who We Are

Our History


With the extension of the dock of the Lirquén Carboniferous Company, located in the Bay of Concepción, the first commercial port of Chile was born, destined to the shipment of coal and unloading of sugar and phosphorite.


The unloading of wheat begins and for the first time in Chile, fertilizers from the USA. Likewise the first commercial shipments of paper, pulp cellulose and sawn begins.


Complementary activities for loading and unloading are started, such as bulk packing, are initiated. Constant investments in the support areas allow these activities to be developed more and more in the 1060s and 1970s.


Alarge “Muelle 1” lengthering allows for tripling the cargo handle by the port that year and makes Puerto Lirquén the largest port in the country.


Investments in the dock, equipment and yards increase the port's capacity and exceed those transferred.


Construction of “Muelle 2” of Puerto Lirquén to receive the first shipments of containers.


Large investments are made in docks, warehouses, equipment and yards to establish a container terminal in Lirquén.


Improvements in systems, for receiving cargo by rail, construction of warehouses with railway diversions and yards for containers and forest cargo.


Participation in tender of the 30-year concession of the Espigón Pier in San Antonio.


Award of the concession contract for the Muelle Costanera-Espigón project in San Antonio and constitution of Puerto Central.


As a result of the new Costanera-Espigón in Puerto Central, there is a reorganization of the subsidiary companies, where Puertos y Logística S.A, a parent company that owns 100% of the operations in San Antonio and Lirquén, was born.


Completion of construction and start of operation of Phase 1A of the Costanera-Espigón project in San Antonio.

Our Vision

Adding Value

Delivering exceptional customer services and building lasting partnerships through global excellence and local expertise.

Building a legacy

Ensuring everything we do leaves long-term benefits for the world we live in.

Thinking ahead

Innovating to create the most efficient, safe and profitable trade solutions.