Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission


Build, operate and provide efficient and excellent services in the Logistics-Port industry, always looking for opportunities to improve and bring value to its workers, shareholders and communities.


To be a profitable, sustainable port and logistics operator, preferred by customers, appreciated by workers and responsible for the environment and the communities where we operate.


Personal Safety: We believe that all work related illnesses, injuries and accidents can be prevented and we strive to reach the goal of zero accidents.

Commitment: We are committed to a positive attitude towards work, continually worrying about improving and innovating.

Excellence: We seek to achieve outstanding results in an efficient way, which allows us to deliver a service that adds value to our customers.

Rectitude: We keep our word and commitments, convinced that relationships with our customers, suppliers, workers, investors and community are long-term.

Respect: We accept and recognize the other as an equal, providing good treatment of the position or function performed. Ports & Logistics recognizes the dignity of people, rejecting discriminatory attitudes based on considerations of race, religion, sex, age, sexual orientation, nationality, marital status, disability, political ideas.

Integration with the Community: We are an active part of the community, in each business unit, which is why we promote and collaborated with its development.

Environmental Care: We promote, in each business unit, the care of the environment and the environment ensuring, that the development of productive activities complies with current legislation.