Sustainability Reporting

Championing sustainable futures through our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) commitments


As proponents of positive transformation, we are resolute in our dedication to comprehensive Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategies, aspiring for a sustainable and prosperous future.

Scroll down to read some of our ESG highlights or download the full 2023 Sustainability report.

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Introduction to climate change


Water conservation pledge

We commit to positively influencing 100 water-stressed basins by 2030, in alignment with the UNGC CEO Water Mandate, evidencing our devotion to worldwide water safety.

Emissions reduction triumph

With a 13% reduction in emissions from our baseline year, we've made considerable strides in our quest for environmental sustainability.

Renewable energy achievement

Achieving an impressive 61% of renewable energy utilisation in our operations, we exemplify our commitment to moving towards cleaner, sustainable energy sources.

Community involvement and contribution

Our US$10.5 million investment in community schemes has impacted 486,000 beneficiaries, including support for 276,000 women and girls, underlining our pledge to societal growth and empowerment.



Changing the Perception of Water

Changing the perception of water

Water is crucial for life on Earth and vital for our well-being. Businesses, including ours, can play a significant role in changing how water is used.

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Climate Proofing the Supply Chain

Climate proofing the supply chain

We examine three climate scenarios, assessing the potential impact of weather hazards across 50 ports and terminals in our global portfolio.

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Empowering Humanitarian Logistics

Empowering humanitarian logistics resilience

As the world faces increasing and unprecedented challenges, humanitarian logistics is the central element of crisis response when supply chains are disrupted.

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Blueprint for Success

From the scale of energy required to make and move goods to the resource intensity of logistics, we focus on measuring and managing our direct environmental impacts and preventing global climate change. Our adherence to stringent governance principles guides DP World’s sustainability efforts, ensuring transparency and accountability.

Download the full 2023 Sustainability Report to learn more about our ESG commitments