DP World has entered into a new partnership with Natuurpunt in Antwerp to support estuary nature reserves. The terminal operator will donate 24.000 euros over two years time for the maintenance of wetlands near the Antwerp Gateway terminal.

Partnership DP World - Natuurpunt

Water: the life artery for DP World

With a major coastal and waterside presence through DP World’s ports, terminals and other assets, ocean health is at the forefront of the company’s sustainability goals. DP World, a  leading global end-to-end logistics provider, has several partnerships around the world to conserve oceans, restore ecosystems, organize coastal clean-ups, improve drinking water access and set up educational programs.

Partnership to preserve wetlands

In Antwerp DP World has entered into a 2-year partnership with Natuurpunt, an independent voluntary association that ensures the protection of vulnerable and endangered nature in Flanders. DP World donates 11.000 euro and 13.000 euro to maintain, enhance and restore wetlands in the surroundings at the port. The first contribution was used to repair a tractor used for maintenance work in the nature reserves. 

Estuary nature reserves

Estuary nature like “Galgeschoor” and “Groot Buitenschoor” are located near the Antwerp Gateway terminal at the Scheldt River, the lifeline to the port of Antwerp. They are unique ecosystems with mud flats and salt marshes that harbor specific species of fauna and flora, adapted to the tides and extreme conditions. These biotopes are home to rare and typical salt-loving flora, in addition to rare reed birds such as the bearded warbler and reed warbler. The reserves are often polluted by industrial plastic waste. DP World employees and their families have participated in several clean ups of the reserve over the past years.

Estuary reserves are of inestimable value for biodiversity and benefit nature, climate and people. They are an important protection against flooding and are an important instrument in the fight against climate change in Flanders.

If we can improve ocean health and support valuable wetlands, we can provide a critical foundation for improved economic growth, better life circumstances for current and future generations, and resilience to the effects of climate change.

Dirk Van den Bosch, CEO DP World

Together with the Port Authority and companies such as DP World, we ensure that the port is more than an economic global player. By protecting and appropriately managing the nature present, we contribute to the preservation of vital biodiversity and we ensure the well-being of the employees in the port. We want to thank DP World for their contribution and hope that they serve as an example to other companies in the Port.

Willy Ibens, Natuurpunt Antwerp-North